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adviner commented Mar 15, 2013

Ive searched but cant seem to find the answer:
I have the following html:

var html = "< div >< a >1</ a >< a >2</ a > < a >3</ a >< a >4</ a >< a >5</ a >< div >"

when I use editor.setValue(html) it shows as one line. Now if I add \r\n at the end of each line then it properly line formats it but doesnt have tab indent. Is adding \r\n even the correct way.


I can't understand your question, probably github have changed formatting of your comment, please use

  - code here -

to preserve formatting of your code.

var html = "< div >< a >1</ a >< a >2</ a > < a >3</ a >< a >4</ a >< a >5</ a >< div >"

is just one line.

Here is a string with multiple lines and tabs

var html = "many\nlines\n\t\t\t\tand even tabs"
var html = "<div>\r\n\t<a>1</a>\r\n\t<a>2</a>\r\n\t<a>3</a>\r\n\t<a>4</a>\r\n\t<a>5</a>\r\n<div>";
adviner commented Mar 22, 2013

Thanks. I thought that ace automatically formatted the code when added.


@adviner if the answers fulfill your question, i'd suggest you to close the issue.

@adviner adviner closed this Mar 22, 2013
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