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transformTextarea should be available in the standard Ace editor package #239

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Brion Vibber Julian Viereck Ramon Tayag Charles Pritchard
Brion Vibber
brion commented

Currently the transformTextarea helper function & friends needed to transparently replace s with Ace editors is only available in an alternate build tree which isn't quite compatible with the regular API (see also #199)

Many users would benefit from this being a standard part of the core Ace package.

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Julian Viereck

What should the transformation function return? Currently, it returns an JS object that holds some API to interact with the editor.

There's also the issue, that the current transformTextArea doesn't completely work on IE. That was why I kept the bookmarklet and other ace code separate as all the other ACE code runs on IE (expect the worker code, which is a "nice to have").

Brion Vibber
brion commented

Assuming the question is about issue 119 (the textarea replacement function returning an object that is not compatible with the regular Ace editor API object that you receive when using the base package), the desired return value is an object that is the same, or is compatible with, the return value of ace.edit().

This issue requests having the textarea replacement system available in the base package, rather than needing to pull scripts from a second build tree.

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Brion Vibber
brion commented

Sorry for the issue spam -- apparently github's "Comment & Close" closes the issue, not the view of the issue. Reopened.

Ramon Tayag

Would it be unwise to have non-IE working code in the main branch?

Charles Pritchard

The textarea replacement system is very simple, the issue with it is that it doesn't return the host "ace" object, and so we can't access common APIs from it.

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