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Option to make editor disabled #266

ankit opened this Issue May 23, 2011 · 7 comments

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ankit commented May 23, 2011

Similar to the 'disabled' attribute of a textarea.

it will be similar to the readOnly mode, only no user interaction will be allowed with the editor. So, cursor and any line markers will be hidden.


Has this been implemented anywhere? I would also find this feature very useful.

@nightwing B.V. member

What is the usecase for this? I don't want to add this to the core since it's rarely used and easy to implement

Something like"none" // or use svg filter to make it gray
editor.renderer.setStyle("disabled", true)

or this

var cover = document.createElement("div")
editor.container.appendChild(cover) = "position:absolute;\
cover.addEventListener("mousedown", function(e){e.stopPropagation()}, true)

would work.


The aim isn't to make it visually look disabled, the aim is to remove the ability for the user to interact with it. I.e. they can't control the cursor, (even better, the cursor doesn't exist).
This is just a more strict type of read-only rather than "disabled". This would be handy when using the editor to display code samples, or output from running programs on the webpage. While this might not be the ideal use for the editor, its features like syntax highlighting and generally looking good make it an attractive option to use for things like these.

Both the samples of code don't really accomplish this. Neither of them removes the cursor, and while they do a pretty good job of not letting the user control the cursor, focus can be tabbed onto the editor.

@nightwing B.V. member

Ah, i see now.
But how much of editor functionality should be disabled depends on exact use case.
I think selection and ability to focus the editor shouldn't be disabled in either of those cases. Virtual viewport will be useful for displaying output, but browser selection can't work with it. And for code examples it's usually nice to be able to do ctrl+a ctrl+c.

To hide cursor and line highlights

    readOnly: true,
    highlightActiveLine: false,
    highlightGutterLine: false

to make editor non tabbable


to disable all shortcuts


also i can add destroy methods for $mouseHandler and textInput to disable them altogether


Excellent, that has the effect I was after. I agree about the requirements differing based on the exact use case, but it might be handy to have several options to disable things like the cursors, or the shortcuts etc.

Also, the last line of code above seems to stop the editor displaying anything at all. :/

@nightwing B.V. member

Also, the last line of code above seems to stop the editor displaying anything at all. :/

do you mean editor.commands.commmandKeyBinding={}? that'd be very strange


Thanks for this!

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