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Auto-close special characters everywhere #396

defunkt opened this Issue August 24, 2011 · 3 comments

4 participants

Chris Wanstrath Fabian Jakobs Garen Torikian Kasper Peulen
Chris Wanstrath

Right now JavaScriptMode auto-closes special characters such as " ' ( { etc. It also surrounds text with these characters if you select the text then type one, e.g. selecting user and typing " produces "user".

It'd be awesome if this feature was enabled in every mode. Maybe in TextMode? In TextMate even plain text mode auto-closes quotes and it's great.

In particular, I'm missing this feature when writing CoffeeScript, Ruby, Markdown, etc.

Fabian Jakobs
Garen Torikian

@fjakobs @nightwing I hope I am not oversimplifying the problem, but isn't it a matter of just setting
this.$behaviour = new CstyleBehaviour();

For example:

Kasper Peulen

@gjtorikian How does that work? I''m trying to get behaviours enabled for latex:

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