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Randomly there seems to be an unwanted translation of end-of-line termination characters. This is a left-over from the *nix & windows ways of doing things. In the microsoft world, lines are terminated with the character pair "Carriage-Return-(\r)" + "Line-Feed-(\n)", otherwise known as "CR-LF", or Hex: 0d-0a, or "\r\n". --Issue: I have noticed that whenever I edit a file which already contains these windows-styled line-terminations (\r\n), the ACE Editor will translate these files into double-carriage-return + line-feed, or "CR-CR-LF", or Hex: 0d-0d-0a, or "\r\r\n". This is incorrect. Instead, every two-character instance of CR-LF should be replaced with the *nix LF. There should never be a sequence of CR-CR. (This confuses Notepad++, Notepad, and other editors in Windows.)

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Hi, sorry no one responded to this for so long.

ace allows new line character to be \n \r\n or \r based on entered text
and splits text with /\r\n|\r|\n/
sp there shouldn't be a way for it to have value of \r\r\n

ace.setValue("\r\r\n");JSON.stringify(ace.getValue())// == \r\n
ace.setValue("\r\n\r\n");JSON.stringify(ace.getValue())// == \r\n\r\n
ace.setValue("\n\r\n\r");JSON.stringify(ace.getValue())// == \n\n\n

please comment if you have some information on how to reproduce this

closing as insufficent info, for now

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