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autocomplete use ellipsis character instead of dots
commands Merge pull request #2322 from ajaxorg/altgr
css workaround for word-wrap bug on chrome
edit_session cleanup
ext add 'lean' mode for Lean Theorem Prover files
keyboard reduce crazy large negative top value on hidden textarea (fixes #2362)
layer allow to customize cursor appearance
lib make detection of altGr more robust
mode Merge pull request #2366 from leanprover/add-lean-mode
model Add BSD license headers
mouse fix typo in IE mouse handler
requirejs add r.js demo
snippets add 'lean' mode for Lean Theorem Prover files
test allow filtering tests in browser runner
theme fix gutter colors in theme importer
worker improve error handling in worker
ace.js allow using uiWorker on ie9 where Worker is undefined
anchor.js cleanup
anchor_test.js fix for anchor & insertRight behavior
autocomplete.js tweak completer
background_tokenizer.js make sure text redraw isn't missed when bgTokenizer state changes
background_tokenizer_test.js remove remnants of regex_allowed
config.js add config.warn and refactor config to allow sharing with ace_tree
config_test.js fix regression in setDefaultValues
document.js add tests from v1.2 branch and increase split size to improve perform…
document_test.js add tests from v1.2 branch and increase split size to improve perform…
edit_session.js avoid emitting spurious changeWrapMode event
edit_session_test.js replaced simple string errors with full Errors, in order to make debu…
editor.js Fix doc on editor.remove
editor_change_document_test.js Add BSD license headers
editor_highlight_selected_word_test.js [incremental search] properly forward/backward wrapping on same term
editor_navigation_test.js Add BSD license headers
editor_text_edit_test.js fix tests
incremental_search.js Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/emacs'
incremental_search_test.js Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/emacs'
line_widgets.js fix reattaching linewidgets to editor
multi_select.js do not use automatic scroll into view
multi_select_test.js fix copyLines* for multiple selections
occur.js occur: fix emacs line start
occur_test.js occur+isearch: fixing tests
placeholder.js minor fixes
placeholder_test.js increase timeout for intermittently failing placeholder_test.js
range.js more work on snippet manager
range_list.js add insert right mode for anchors and range_lists
range_list_test.js allow multiple selections with shared edges
range_test.js remove trailing commas
renderloop.js fix resize issues
scrollbar.js cleanup
search.js fix find next for regexps matching empty range
search_highlight.js add extraStyle parameter to marker layer
search_test.js fix find next for regexps matching empty range
selection.js fix more typos
selection_test.js add selection.toJSON method
snippets.js minor fixes
snippets_test.js fix expansion of snippets with nested tabstops
split.js remove remaining uses of deferredCall
token_iterator.js make foldAll faster
token_iterator_test.js remove trailing commas
tokenizer.js add config.warn and refactor config to allow sharing with ace_tree
tokenizer_dev.js workaround for chrome not displaying middle of very long lines
tokenizer_test.js fix infinite loop in soy mode and make tokenizer more robust
tooltip.js Refactor tooltip to separate class.
undomanager.js fix #1757 Merged undos don't decrement dirtyCounter correctly
unicode.js tabs to spaces
virtual_renderer.js Fix getVScrollBarAlwaysVisible.
virtual_renderer_test.js Add BSD license headers
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