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autocomplete Fix custom identifierRegexps (issue #2532)
commands add .eslintrc
css force white-space: pre on textarea to not get \xA0 instead of space see
edit_session fix linewidgets interaction with folding
ext Adding Fortran extensions to modelist
keyboard fix focus issue on IE
layer add .eslintrc
lib fix hidden textarea breaking double click on linux/mac
mode Add forgotten "|" character
model Add BSD license headers
mouse fix focus issue on IE
requirejs add r.js demo
snippets Razor Highlighting
test update jsdom
theme cleanup
worker do not override console in worker
ace.js release 1.2.3
anchor.js do not throw for broken anchors since that can break editor
anchor_test.js Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/master' into v-1.2
apply_delta.js disabled validateDelta since it breaks autocompletion popup
autocomplete.js Fix custom identifierRegexps (issue #2532)
background_tokenizer.js Merge pull request #1819 from ajaxorg/v-1.2
background_tokenizer_test.js add highlighting of comments in jsx attributes
config.js add .eslintrc
config_test.js add .eslintrc
document.js Merge pull request #2684 from ajaxorg/fix/various
document_test.js fix ignoring empty delta
edit_session.js add .eslintrc
edit_session_test.js Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/master'
editor.js add keyboardHandler option
editor_change_document_test.js Rename insertText back to insert
editor_highlight_selected_word_test.js [incremental search] properly forward/backward wrapping on same term
editor_navigation_test.js Rename insertText back to insert
editor_text_edit_test.js fix tests
incremental_search.js add .eslintrc
incremental_search_test.js add .eslintrc
line_widgets.js fix issue with stale line widgets
multi_select.js add .eslintrc
multi_select_test.js Merge pull request #1819 from ajaxorg/v-1.2
occur.js occur: fix emacs line start
occur_test.js Rename insertText back to insert
placeholder.js simplify placeholder.js
placeholder_test.js increase timeout for intermittently failing placeholder_test.js
range.js add .eslintrc
range_list.js add .eslintrc
range_list_test.js allow multiple selections with shared edges
range_test.js remove trailing commas
renderloop.js fix resize issues
scrollbar.js cleanup
search.js fix find next for regexps matching empty range
search_highlight.js add extraStyle parameter to marker layer
search_test.js fix find next for regexps matching empty range
selection.js add .eslintrc
selection_test.js add selection.toJSON method
snippets.js fix snippet loader
snippets_test.js fix expansion of snippets with nested tabstops
split.js remove remaining uses of deferredCall
token_iterator.js fix annoying misaligned comments
token_iterator_test.js remove trailing commas
tokenizer.js add .eslintrc
tokenizer_dev.js fix annoying misaligned comments
tokenizer_test.js add .eslintrc
tooltip.js Refactor tooltip to separate class.
undomanager.js remove trailing comma
unicode.js add .eslintrc
virtual_renderer.js fix vim L motion
virtual_renderer_test.js update jsdom
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