Configuring Ace

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Core ace components (editor, session, renderer, mouseHandler) implement optionProvider interface

setOption(optionName, optionValue)
    optionName : optionValue

here's a list of all supported options. Where not indicated otherwise option values are boolean.

editor.setOption will also modify options of session/renderer/$mouseHandler associated with it

editor options

selectionStyle: "line"|"text"
highlightActiveLine: true|false
highlightSelectedWord: true|false
readOnly: true|false
cursorStyle: "ace"|"slim"|"smooth"|"wide"
mergeUndoDeltas: false|true|"always"
behavioursEnabled: boolean
wrapBehavioursEnabled: boolean
// this is needed if editor is inside scrollable page
autoScrollEditorIntoView: boolean (defaults to false)
// copy/cut the full line if selection is empty, defaults to false
copyWithEmptySelection: boolean 
useSoftTabs: boolean (defaults to false)
navigateWithinSoftTabs: boolean (defaults to false)

renderer options

hScrollBarAlwaysVisible: boolean
vScrollBarAlwaysVisible: boolean
highlightGutterLine: boolean
animatedScroll: boolean
showInvisibles: boolean
showPrintMargin: boolean
printMarginColumn: number (defaults to 80)
// shortcut for showPrintMargin and printMarginColumn
printMargin: false|number 
fadeFoldWidgets: boolean
showFoldWidgets: boolean (defaults to true)
showLineNumbers: boolean (defaults to true)
showGutter: boolean (defaults to true)
displayIndentGuides: boolean (defaults to true)
fontSize: number or css font-size string
fontFamily: css font-family value
// resize editor based on the contents of the editor until the number of lines reaches maxLines
maxLines: number
minLines: number
// number of page sizes to scroll after document end (typical values are 0, 0.5, and 1)
scrollPastEnd: number|boolean
fixedWidthGutter: boolean (defaults to false)
theme: path to a theme e.g "ace/theme/textmate"

mouseHandler options

scrollSpeed: number
dragDelay:  number
dragEnabled: boolean (defaults to true)
focusTimout: number
tooltipFollowsMouse: boolean

session options

firstLineNumber: number defaults to 1
overwrite: boolean
newLineMode: "auto" | "unix" | "windows"
useWorker: boolean
useSoftTabs: boolean
tabSize: number
wrap: boolean|number
foldStyle: "markbegin"|"markbeginend"|"manual"
mode: path to a mode e.g "ace/mode/text"

editor options defined by extensions

enableMultiselect: boolean   # on by default
enableEmmet: boolean
enableBasicAutocompletion: boolean
enableLiveAutocompletion:   boolean
enableSnippets: boolean
spellcheck: boolean
useElasticTabstops: boolean
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