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Remove warning about node 0.8.x in README

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commit c66284221143c175fc889418d499da6f37492a7c 1 parent e06fdd9
@creationix creationix authored
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@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ We support the newer versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
- * NodeJS `>= 0.6.16` (node 0.8.x will *not work* at the moment!)
+ * NodeJS `>= 0.6.16`
* NPM `>= 1.1.16`

6 comments on commit c662842


So Cloud9 now supports the latest greatest version of nodes??


It works, we're still polishing out full support though.


"sm install" still fails on some dependencies for me. (issue 1780)


@kevwil Try node 0.8.8


@janjongboom I'm already on 0.8.9 - so cloud9 does support 0.8.8 but not 0.8.x? That should be noted in the README.


Cloud9 supports 0.8.8, but I've heard that people were having problems with 0.8.9. Haven't investigated myself.

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