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[.exe first
a2p.exe x
addftinfo.exe first
afmtodit first
apropos first
arch.exe first
ascii.exe first
ash.exe first
awk first
banner.exe first
base64.exe first
basename.exe first
bash.exe first
bashbug first
bunzip2.exe first
bzcat.exe first
bzcmp first
bzdiff first
bzegrep first
bzfgrep first
bzgrep first
bzip2.exe first
bzip2recover.exe first
bzless first
bzmore first
c2ph x
cat.exe first
chcon.exe first
chem first
chgrp.exe first
chmod.exe first
chown.exe first
chroot.exe first
cksum.exe first
cmp.exe first
comm.exe first
config_data x
conv.exe first
copy-user-registry-fstab first
corelist x
cp.exe first
cpan x
cpan2dist x
cpaninject x
cpanp x
cpanp-run-perl x
cpansign x
cpantest x
cpio.exe x
crc32 x
crypt.exe x
csplit.exe first
cut.exe first
cvs.exe x
cvsbug x
cvsps.exe x
cygapr-1-0.dll x
cygaprutil-1-0.dll x
cygattr-1.dll first
cygbz2-1.dll first
cygcheck.exe first
cygcrypt-0.dll x
cygcrypto-0.9.8.dll x
cygcurl-4.dll x
cygdb-4.5.dll x
cygdb_cxx-4.5.dll x
cygdrop.exe first
cygedit-0.dll x
cygexpat-1.dll x
cygform-10.dll first
cygform-8.dll first
cygform-9.dll first
cyggcc_s-1.dll first
cyggdbm-4.dll x
cyggdbm_compat-4.dll x
cyggmp-3.dll first
cyghistory7.dll first
cygicons-0.dll first
cygiconv-2.dll first
cygidn-11.dll x
cygintl-8.dll first
cyglber-2-3-0.dll x
cygldap-2-3-0.dll x
cygldap_r-2-3-0.dll x
cyglsa-config first
cyglsa.dll first
cyglsa64.dll first
cyglzma-1.dll first
cygmenu-10.dll first
cygmenu-8.dll first
cygmenu-9.dll first
cygminires.dll x
cygmp-3.dll first
cygncurses++-10.dll first
cygncurses++-8.dll first
cygncurses++-9.dll first
cygncurses-10.dll first
cygncurses-8.dll first
cygncurses-9.dll first
cygneon-27.dll x
cygpanel-10.dll first
cygpanel-8.dll first
cygpanel-9.dll first
cygpath.exe first
cygpcre-0.dll first
cygpcreposix-0.dll first
cygperl5_10.dll x
cygpopt-0.dll first
cygpq.dll x
cygproxy-0.dll x
cygreadline7.dll first
cygrunsrv.exe x
cygsasl2-2.dll x
cygserf-0-0.dll x
cygserver-config first
cygsigsegv-2.dll first
cygsqlite3-0.dll x
cygssh2-1.dll x
cygssl-0.9.8.dll x
cygssp-0.dll x
cygstart.exe first
cygstdc++-6.dll first
cygtic-10.dll first
cygtic-9.dll first
cygwin-console-helper.exe first
cygwin1.dll first
cygwrap-0.dll x
cygz.dll first
d2u.exe first
dash.exe first
date.exe first
dd.exe first
df.exe first
diff.exe first
diff3.exe first
dir.exe first
dircolors.exe first
dirname.exe first
dos2unix.exe first
dprofpp x
du.exe first
dump.exe first
dumper.exe first
echo.exe first
editrights.exe first
egrep.exe first
enc2xs x
env.exe first
envsubst.exe first
eqn.exe first
eqn2graph first
expand.exe first
expr.exe first
factor.exe first
false.exe first
fgrep.exe first
find.exe first
find2perl x
findrule x
fmt.exe first
fold.exe first
gawk-3.1.8.exe first
gawk.exe first
gdiffmk first
getclip.exe first
getfacl.exe first
gettext.exe first first
git-cvsserver x
git-receive-pack.exe x
git-shell.exe x
git-upload-archive.exe x
git-upload-pack.exe x
git.exe x
gkill.exe first
grap2graph first
grep.exe first
grn.exe first
grodvi.exe first
groff.exe first
groffer first
grog first
grolbp.exe first
grolj4.exe first
grops.exe first
grotty.exe first
groups.exe first
gunzip first
gzexe first
gzip.exe first
h2ph x
h2xs x
head.exe first
hostid.exe first
hostname.exe first
hpftodit.exe first
id.exe first
igawk first
indxbib.exe first
info.exe first
infokey.exe first
install-info.exe first
install-info.exe.manifest first
install.exe first
install.exe.manifest first
instmodsh x
ipck first
ipcount x
ipcrm.exe first
ipcs.exe first
iptab x
join.exe first
json_xs x
kill.exe first
ldd.exe first
ldh.exe first
less.exe first
lessecho.exe first
lesskey.exe first
libnetcfg x
link.exe first
lkbib.exe first
ln.exe first
locale.exe first
locate.exe first
login.exe first
logname.exe first
lookbib.exe first
lpr.exe first
ls.exe first
lwp-download x
lwp-dump x
lwp-mirror x
lwp-request x
lwp-rget x
lzcat first
lzcmp first
lzdiff first
lzegrep first
lzfgrep first
lzgrep first
lzless first
lzma first
lzmadec.exe first
lzmainfo.exe first
lzmore first
makeinfo.exe first
man.exe first
man2dvi first
man2html.exe first
manlint first
manpath first
md5sum.exe first
metabase-profile x
mkdir.exe first
mkfifo.exe first
mkgroup.exe first
mknod.exe first
mkpasswd.exe first
mkshortcut.exe first
mktemp.exe first
mmroff first
mount.exe first
msgtool.exe first
mv.exe first
neqn first
ngettext.exe first
nice.exe first
nl.exe first
nohup.exe first
nproc.exe first
nroff first
od.exe first
oldfind.exe first
passwd.exe first
paste.exe first
pathchk.exe first
pdfroff first
pdftexi2dvi first
peflags.exe first
peflagsall first
perl.exe x
perl5.10.1.exe x
perlbug x
perldoc x
perlivp x
perlrebase x
perlthanks x
pfbtops.exe first
pgawk-3.1.8.exe first
pgawk.exe first
pic.exe first
pic2graph first
piconv x
pinky.exe first
pl2pm x
pod2html x
pod2latex x
pod2man x
pod2text x
pod2usage x
pod_cover x
podchecker x
podselect x
post-grohtml.exe first
pr.exe first
pre-grohtml.exe first
preconv.exe first
printenv.exe first
printf.exe first
prove x
ps.exe first
psed x
pstruct x
ptar x
ptardiff x
ptee x
ptx.exe first
putclip.exe first
pwd.exe first
rcs2log x
readlink.exe first
readshortcut.exe first
realpath.exe first
rebase.exe first
rebaseall first
refer.exe first
regtool.exe first
rm.exe first
rmdir.exe first
roff2dvi first
roff2html first
roff2pdf first
roff2ps first
roff2text first
roff2x first
run.exe first
runcon.exe first
s2p x
scandeps x
scp.exe x
sdiff.exe first
sed.exe first
semstat.exe first
semtool.exe first
seq.exe first
setfacl.exe first
setmetamode.exe first
sftp.exe x
sh.exe first
sha1sum.exe first
sha224sum.exe first
sha256sum.exe first
sha384sum.exe first
sha512sum.exe first
shasum x
shmtool.exe first
shred.exe first
shuf.exe first
sleep.exe first
slogin x
soelim.exe first
sort.exe first
splain x
split.exe first
ssh-add.exe x
ssh-agent.exe x
ssh-copy-id x
ssh-host-config x
ssh-keygen.exe x
ssh-keyscan.exe x
ssh-user-config x
ssh.exe x
ssp.exe first
stat.exe first
strace.exe first
stty.exe first
su.exe first
sum.exe first
sync.exe first
tac.exe first
tail.exe first
tar.exe first
tbl.exe first
tee.exe first
test.exe first
texi2dvi first
texi2pdf first
texindex.exe first
tfmtodit.exe first
timeout.exe first
touch.exe first
tr.exe first
troff.exe first
true.exe first
truncate.exe first
tsort.exe first
tty.exe first
u2d.exe first
umount.exe first
uname.exe first
uncompress first
unexpand.exe first
uniq.exe first
unix2dos.exe first
unlink.exe first
unlzma first
unxz first
updatedb first
users.exe first
vdir.exe first
wc.exe first
whatis first
which.exe first
who.exe first
whoami.exe first
xargs.exe first
xsubpp x
xz.exe first
xzcat first
xzcmp first
xzdec.exe first
xzdiff first
xzegrep first
xzfgrep first
xzgrep first
xzless first
xzmore first
yes.exe first
zcat first
zcmp first
zdiff first
zegrep first
zfgrep first
zforce first
zgrep first
zless first
zmore first
znew first
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