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npm package doesn't install with node v0.5.10/v0.6.0 #23

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Since I can't open an issue on the fork in npm I'll address the issue here. package.json needs to allow higher engine versions.


Any progress on this?


+1 Simple change to package.json here. Confirmed that this package works in Node 0.6.8.

Workaround: sudo npm -g install --force o3-xml :)

I'd like to retract my previous statement. Sorry for the confusion.


It doesn't work for me on Node 0.6.8. XML.parseFromString segfaults:

> node test.js                       
[1]    40120 segmentation fault  node test.js

where test.js is a simple:

var XML = require('o3-xml-fork');
var parsed = XML.parseFromString('<?xml version="1.0"?><note><to>foo</to><from>bar</from><body>baz</body></note>');

o3-xml-fork is the fork of o3-xml I created, that's completely identical except package.json allowing to run on newer node.


I have the same problem now but with o3-xml-fork as well, any news on this?


Well yeah, it doesn't work on o3-xml-fork. I thought merely updating package.json would do the job (based on @bminer's comment), but that doesn't help.

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