Assets 3
  • Updated data\Shadows.ffx for patch 3.3.
  • App will request your approval to disable shadows after September 2018. If GGG will change shadows format again, then just answer "No" or find an updated Shadows.ffx.
Assets 3

3.3 patch warning: delete "data\Shadows.ffx" before "Make Good".

UI/UX improvements.
GGPK Search window is resizable now.

Assets 3
  • Added "Make Good" button for casual users. Auto save/load functions included.
  • Added "keep emitters" option to "Null Particles" window. Check "1" if you want to keep one emitter from each file or "0" if you want remove them all ("0" is/was by default).
  • Extended particle files detection pattern. Less render (i.e. Solar Guard skills) & more fps for the strongest null particles rule.
  • Now "Save Backup" doesn't save particle files which are less than 8 bytes.
  • GGPK Search doesn't show too big files anymore (usually it's binary files, use "export" menu action instead).
  • Added config file for saving chosen path and other options.
  • Moved all non-exe files to "data" folder.
Assets 3

Changed "disable shadows" method. Now it imports "shadows.ffx" file from the app folder.
(PoE patch 3.2)

@ajaxvs ajaxvs released this Jan 28, 2018

Assets 3

Fixed Turkish locale issue. Nothing more.