Node.js module for sending text messages
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A module for sending unlimited texts for free

Taken mostly from typpo's textbelt, with a few improvements and lighter system, this module allows you to send texts through Node.js for free.


You must have sendmail (not the Node module, the native binary) installed. Then just npm install this package:

$ npm install textbelt

Include it in your project:

var text = require('textbelt');


text.sendText(phone, message, opts, cb)

Sends message as a text to phone. cb is an optional callback function, and opts is an optional object filled with options. If you want to include a callback function, you must include an opts parameter as well (it can be empty).

Possible opts:

var opts = {
  fromAddr: '',  // "from" address in received text
  fromName: 'joe smith',       // "from" name in received text
  region:   'us',              // region the receiving number is in: 'us', 'canada', 'intl'
  subject:  'something'        // subject of the message

Do not include +1 or other codes in the phone number. Instead use the 'region' parameter.


If enable is true, enables debugging output, which is disabled by default.

How It Works

Most, if not all, service providers have an email endpoint. When you send an email to the endpoint, the phone number receives a text. For example, sending an email to will result in (123)456-7890 receving your email as a text.

This package just sends emails to all the providers in the region, hoping one will be correct :)