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css + jquery to make the new indian rupee symbol behave well with various font sizes and colors
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My attempt at making the Indian Rupee Symbol look better

Goal is to be able to get these to work correctly out of the box:
<h1> Pay <span class='inr'>1000</span> </h1>  <!-- Should show a large rupee symbol in black -->
<p style='color:#bebeef'> Pay <span class='inr'>1000</span> </p>  <!-- Should show a correctly sized rupee symbol in #bebeef or any other arbitrary color -->


the public folder consists of an index.html and an img directory
The img directory has the rupee symbol in many sizes. Note that its a PNG8 image with the symbol itself being transparent
The transparency allows us to tweak the background color and make it look like color has been applied

the index.html has a sample usage. The jquery script simply loops over every .inr element and prepends a prestyled span 
the prestyled span is selected from various options based on the maximum possible height that can be chosen from various alternatives

So far it looks good in FF.
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