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Visual Force Editor Plugin


you can download this plugin from following locations.


  • Html4 tag and attribute assistance
  • VisualForce tag and attribute assistance

What I am planing for :

  • HTML5 tag support will be added to future versions
  • Only applicable tags will be visible inside tags like apex:param will only be visible for applicable parent tags
  • Display validation errors for apex and html tags
  • Used attributes will be removed from the suggestion box.
  • Suggestion box will also show some mark to show that tag is related to APEX, or HTML4, or HTML5
  • Proper Tag, Attribute, Text, Comment color scheme
  • Context sensitive help within IDE on pressing a hot key for visualforce tags.
  • Support for “plugin update site” for all known pros.
  • Support for dynamic update of tags and attributes, as per new Salesforce releases.

How to install :

  • Copy VisualForce editor plugin jar to eclipse/plugin/ folder and restart your eclipse.

How to use

  • plugin will automatically attach with .page (visualforce) pages and if not then open visualforce page with this editor.
  • Plugin will add a new Visualforce page editor option to your editor's list.
  • Open your apex visualforce file with VisualForce page editor
  • If you are creating a new visualforce file then please add at least one tag as top level parent tag.


<apex:page> <[press ctrl+space] ** </apex:page>


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