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An absurd Gatsby starter. The collection of illustrations, by Diana Valeanu is a very fascinating and beautiful project with some pretty thoughtful concepts. Experimentation on how that could be put together on a site ended up as this starter.


Live Demo


Install the dependencies:

yarn install

Run the development server:

yarn dev

Production build to /public:

yarn build

Cleanup cache (often fixes misc errors when run before yarn dev):

yarn clean


Each of the sections in the site are placed in src/sections. Data is usually separated out into objects/arrays to be rendered in the component.


The component src/components/common/SEO.js handles all meta data and SEO content, modify the SEO_DATA variable to add the data automatically. For application manifest data and favicon, modify the gatsby-plugin-manifest configuration in gatsby-config.js.


This project uses styled-components to handle styling: src/styles/theme.js defines the styling base and src/styles/GlobalStyles.js includes basic element styles along with the CSS Reset.