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This repository contains some tests and some examples of using AtomizeJS.

Items marked with a * will require an AtomizeJS server running on localhost. The simplest way to achieve that is to npm install atomize-server and run then node --harmony-collections --harmony-proxies app.js where app.js is found in this repository. Note that by default, it is expected the AtomizeJS server is listening on localhost port 9999.

  • test/
    • unittests.html
      • Browser-only unit tests for the AtomizeJS client.
    • retry.html *
      • Demonstrates using the retry functionality to wait for another client to join before setting a value. Watch the browser JavaScript console.
    • onewriter.html *
      • Demonstrates many clients writing to the same variable safely.
    • queue.html and queue.js *
      • Demonstrates a broadcast queue: only one writer, but multiple readers, and every reader gets all messages added to the queue after the reader has joined.
  • bomberman/
    • index.html *
      • An implementation of the classic game Bomberman. The entire multiplayer game is written in client-side JavaScript using just the AtomizeJS features to safely modify the game board.

Please see the main AtomizeJS site for further details.