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;;; browser.lisp --- the system menu
;; Copyright (C) 2010, 2011, 2012 David O'Toole
;; Author: David O'Toole <>
;; Keywords:
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see %
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(in-package :blocky)
;;; A basic action button
(define-block (button :super :list)
(category :initform :button)
(target :initform nil)
(method :initform nil)
(arguments :initform nil)
(label :initform nil))
(define-method initialize button
(&key target method arguments label)
(when target (setf %target target))
(when method (setf %method method))
(when label (setf %label label))
(when arguments (setf %arguments arguments)))
(define-method layout button ()
(with-fields (height width) self
(setf width (+ (* 13 (dash))
(font-text-width %label
height (+ (font-height *block-bold*) (* 4 (dash))))))
(define-method draw button ()
(with-fields (x y height width label) self
(with-style :rounded (draw-patch self x y (+ x width) (+ y height)))
(draw-image "colorbang"
(+ x (dash 1))
(+ y (dash 1)))
(draw-string %label (+ x (dash 9)) (+ y (dash 2))
:color "white"
:font *block-bold*)))
(define-method tap button (x y)
(apply #'send %method %target %arguments))
;;; Message output widget
(define-block messenger :category :terminal :messages nil)
(define-method initialize messenger (&optional messages)
((stringp messages)
(setf %messages (list messages)))
((consp messages)
(setf %messages messages))))
(define-method add-message messenger (message-string)
(assert (stringp message-string))
(push message-string %messages))
(defparameter *messenger-columns* 80)
(defparameter *messenger-rows* 7)
(define-method get-messages messenger ()
(or %messages *message-history*))
(define-method layout messenger ()
(setf %height (+ (* (font-height *font*) *messenger-rows*)
(dash 4)))
(let ((width 0))
(block measuring
(dotimes (n *messenger-rows*)
(if (<= (length (get-messages self)) n)
(return-from measuring nil)
(setf width
(max width
(nth n (get-messages self))
(setf %width (+ width (dash 5)))))
(define-method draw messenger ()
(draw-background self)
(with-fields (x y width height) self
(let ((y0 (+ y height (- 0 (font-height *font*) (dash 2))))
(x0 (+ x (dash 3))))
(dotimes (n *messenger-rows*)
(unless (<= (length (get-messages self)) n)
(draw-string (nth n (get-messages self))
x0 y0
:color "gray70"
:font *block-font*)
(decf y0 (font-height *font*)))))))
;;; A block representing the current system and project universe
(defparameter *browser-menu-entries*
'((:label "Project"
((:label "Create a new project" :action :create-project)
(:label "Save current project" :action :save-project)
(:label "Load a project" :action :load-project)
;; (:label "Show current changes without saving" :action :show-changes)
;; (:label "Export as archive" :action :export-archive)
;; (:label "Export as application" :action :export-application)
;; (:label "Publish to web" :action :publish-web)
;; (:label "Publish to community site" :action :publish-community)
;; (:label "Publish to FTP" :action :publish-ftp)
(:label "Settings" :action :settings)
(:label "Quit Blocky" :action :quit-blocky)))
(:label "Edit"
((:label "Cut" :action :cut)
(:label "Copy" :action :copy)
(:label "Paste" :action :paste)
(:label "Paste in new workspace" :action :paste-as-new-workspace)
(:label "Select all" :action :select-all)
(:label "Clear selection" :action :clear-selection)))
(:label "Blocks"
((:label "Define a block" :action :open-define-block-dialog)
(:label "Define a method" :action :open-define-method-dialog)
(:label "Inspect" :action :inspect)
(:label "Clone" :action :do-clone)
(:label "Copy" :action :do-copy)
(:label "Destroy" :action :destroy)))
(:label "Resources"
((:label "Import new resource" :action :import-resources)
(:label "Edit resource" :action :edit-resource)
(:label "Search resources" :action :search-resources)
(:label "Export resource(s)" :action :export-resources)
(:label "Browse resources" :action :browse-resources)))
;; (:label "Tools"
;; :inputs
;; ((:label "Create a Lisp listener" :action :create-listener)
;; (:label "Create a text box" :action :create-text)
;; (:label "Create a trash can" :action :create-trash)))
(:label "Workspace" :inputs
((:label "Switch to workspace" :inputs
((:label "Workspace 1" :action :workspace-1)
(:label "Workspace 2" :action :workspace-2)
(:label "Workspace 3" :action :workspace-3)
(:label "Workspace 4" :action :workspace-4)))
(:label "Go back to the previous workspace" :action :previous-workspace)
(:label "Create a new workspace" :action :create-workspace)
(:label "Rename this workspace" :action :rename-workspace)
(:label "Delete this workspace" :action :delete-workspace)
(:label "Workspace settings" :action :configure-workspaces)))
;; (:label "Windows"
;; :inputs
;; ((:label "Create a new window" :action :create-window)
;; (:label "Switch to the next window" :action :next-window)
;; (:label "Switch to window" :action :switch-window)
;; (:label "Close this window" :action :dismiss-window)))
;; (:label "Devices"
;; :inputs
;; ((:label "Browse available devices" :action :browse-devices)
;; (:label "Scan for devices" :action :scan-devices)
;; (:label "Configure joystick" :action :configure-joystick)
;; (:label "Configure camera" :action :configure-camera)
;; (:label "Configure microphone" :action :configure-microphone)
;; (:label "Configure dance pad" :action :configure-dance-pad)))
(:label "Help"
((:label "Copyright notice" :action :show-copyright-notice)
(:label "General help" :action :general-help)
(:label "Examples" :action :show-examples)
(:label "Language Reference" :action :language-reference)))))
;;; Headline
(define-block headline title)
(defparameter *blocky-title-string* "Blocky 0.92a")
(define-method initialize headline (&optional (title *project*))
(initialize%super self)
(setf %title title))
(define-method layout headline ()
(resize self
(+ (dash 2) *logo-height*)
(define-method draw headline ()
(with-fields (x y) self
(draw-image "blocky" (+ x (dash 0.5)) (- y (dash 0.5)) :height *logo-height* :width *logo-height*)
(draw-string %title
(+ x *logo-height* (dash 2))
(+ y (dash 1))
:color "white"
:font *block-bold*)))
;;; Generic window titlebar utility
(define-block (window :super list)
(centered :initform nil)
(tags :initform '(:window))
(category :initform :system))
(defun windowp (thing)
(and (blockyp thing)
(has-tag thing :window)))
(define-method initialize window (&key child (title "*untitled-window*"))
(assert child)
(initialize%super self)
(setf %inputs (list (new 'headline title) child))
(update-parent-links self)
(mapc #'pin %inputs))
(define-method layout window ()
(layout-vertically self)
(align-to-pixels self))
(define-method can-pick window ()
(define-method pick window ()
(define-method center window ()
(layout self)
(center%super self))
(define-method accept window (thing))
(define-method draw-hover window ())
(define-method after-unplug-hook window (thing)
(destroy self))
;;; The system menu itself
(define-block-macro browser
(:super :list
((category :initform :system))
(:headline (new 'headline)
(new 'tree
:label *blocky-title-string*
:pinned t
:category :system
:expanded t
(new 'listener)
(new 'menu :label "Menu"
(flet ((process (entry)
(make-menu entry :target self)))
(mapcar #'process *browser-menu-entries*))
:category :menu
:expanded t)
(new 'tree :label "Messages"
:expanded nil
:inputs (list (new 'messenger)))))))
(unfreeze self)
(expand %%menu)
(mapc #'pin %inputs)
(mapc #'pin (%inputs %%menu))
(setf %locked nil))
(defun make-browser ()
(define-method alternate-tap browser (x y))
(define-method scroll-tap browser (x y))
(define-method destroy browser ()
(destroy%super self)
(setf (%browser (world)) nil))
(define-method menu-items browser ()
(%inputs %%menu))
(define-method get-listener browser ()
(first (menu-items self)))
(define-method layout browser ()
(layout-vertically self)
;; adjust header for project name
(setf %width
(max %width
(+ *logo-height* (dash 5)
(font-text-width *project*
;; (define-method can-pick browser ()
;; t)
;; (define-method pick browser ()
;; self)
(define-method draw browser ()
(with-fields (x y width height) self
(draw-patch self x y (+ x width) (+ y height))
(mapc #'draw %inputs)))
(define-method close-menus browser ()
(let ((menus (menu-items self)))
(when (some #'expandedp menus)
(mapc #'unexpand menus))))
(define-method drop-dialog browser (dialog)
(multiple-value-bind (x y) (right-of self)
(add-block (world) dialog x y)))
;; Don't allow anything to be dropped on the menus, for now.
(define-method draw-hover browser () nil)
(define-method accept browser (thing)
(declare (ignore thing))
(define-method tap browser (x y)
(declare (ignore x y))
(grab-focus (get-listener self)))
;;; Creating a project
(define-block-macro create-project-dialog
(:super :list
:fields ((category :initform :system))
:inputs (:name (new 'string :label "Project name:")
:parent (new 'string :label "Create in folder:"
:value (namestring (projects-directory)))
:folder-name (new 'string :label "Project folder name (optional):")
:messenger (new 'messenger "Use the text entry fields above to name your new project.")
:buttons (new 'hlist
(new 'button :label "Create project"
:target self :method :create-project)
(new 'button :label "Dismiss"
:target self :method :dismiss)))))
(define-method create-project create-project-dialog ()
(with-input-values (name parent folder-name) self
(if (create-project-image
name :folder-name folder-name :parent parent)
"Successfully created new project."
"Could not create project."))))
(define-method create-project browser ()
(let ((dialog (new 'window
:title "Create a new project"
:child (new 'create-project-dialog))))
(drop-dialog self dialog)))
;;; Loading a project
(define-block-macro load-project-dialog
(:super :list
:fields ((category :initform :system))
:inputs (:filename
(new 'string :label "Load from folder:"
:value (namestring (projects-directory)))
:messenger (new 'messenger "Use the text entry fields above to name your project.")
:buttons (new 'hlist
(new 'button :label "Load project"
:target self :method :load-project)
(new 'button :label "Dismiss"
:target self :method :dismiss)))))
(define-method load-project load-project-dialog ()
(with-input-values (filename) self
(if (load-project-image filename)
"Successfully loaded new project."
"Could not load project."))))
(define-method load-project browser ()
(let ((dialog (new 'window
:title "Load a project"
:child (new 'load-project-dialog))))
(drop-dialog self dialog)))
;;; Saving a project
(define-block-macro save-project-dialog
(:super :list
:fields ((category :initform :system))
:inputs (:messenger (new 'messenger "Save current project?")
:buttons (new 'hlist
(new 'button :label "Save project"
:target self :method :save-project)
(new 'button :label "Dismiss"
:target self :method :dismiss)))))
(define-method save-project save-project-dialog ()
(if (save-project-image :force)
"Successfully saved project."
"Could not save project!")))
(define-method save-project browser ()
(let ((dialog (new 'window
:title "Save current project"
:child (new 'save-project-dialog))))
(assert (windowp dialog))
(drop-dialog self dialog)))
;;; Splash screen
(defparameter *splash-screen-text*
"Welcome to the Blocky multimedia programming language.
Copyright (C) 2006-2012 by David T O'Toole <>
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
For more information, see the included file 'COPYING',
or visit the language's home page:
You may press F1 for help at any time,
or press Alt-X to bring up the system menu.")
;; (define-block splash-logo)
;; (define-method update splash-logo ()
;; (change-image self "blocky-big"))
;; (define-block-macro splash-screen
;; (:super :list
;; :fields
;; ((category :initform :system))
;; :inputs
;; ((new 'splash-logo)
;; (new 'text *splash-screen-text*))
;; :initforms
;; ((later 5.0 (destroy self)))))
;; (define-method update splash-screen ()
;; (mapc #'update %inputs)
;; (center self)
;; (layout-vertically self))
;;; browser.lisp ends here