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;;; halo.lisp --- morphic-style object handles
;; Copyright (C) 2011, 2012 David O'Toole
;; Author: David O'Toole <>
;; Keywords:
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(in-package :blocky)
(defparameter *handle-scale* 3.2)
(defparameter *handle-highlight-background-color* "gray50")
(defparameter *handle-highlight-foreground-color* "white")
(defparameter *indicator-positions*
'(:asterisk (0 1)
:bang (0 0)
:top-left-triangle (0 0)
:menu (1/2 0)
:move (3/4 1)
:drop (0 1)
:pick-up (2/6 1)
:resize (1 1)
:reference (0 1/2)
:close (1 0)
:copy (1 2/4)
:cut (1 1/4)
:bottom-right-triangle (1 1)))
(define-block handle target indicator color foreground-color)
(define-method initialize handle (&optional target)
(initialize%super self)
(setf %target target))
(define-method can-pick handle () t)
(define-method pick handle () self)
(define-method can-escape handle () nil)
(define-method layout handle ())
(define-method toggle-halo handle () nil) ;; don't let halos have halos
(define-method highlight handle ()
(setf %color *handle-highlight-background-color*)
(setf %foreground-color *handle-highlight-foreground-color*))
(define-method alternate-tap handle (x y)
(tap self x y))
(define-method scroll-tap handle (x y)
(tap self x y))
(define-method layout handle ()
(with-fields (x y width height) %target
(destructuring-bind (px py) (getf *indicator-positions* %indicator)
(let* ((margin (* *handle-scale* (indicator-size)))
(x0 (- x margin))
(y0 (- y margin)))
(setf %x (+ x0
(* px (+ width margin))))
(setf %y (+ y0
(* py (+ height margin))))
(setf %width margin)
(setf %height margin)))))
(define-method draw handle ()
(draw-indicator %indicator %x %y
:color %foreground-color
:scale *handle-scale*
:background %color))
(define-method draw-hover handle ())
(defmacro define-handle (name indicator
&key (color "gray10")
(foreground-color "white")
(assert (symbolp name))
(assert (stringp color))
`(define-block (,name :super :handle)
(indicator :initform ,indicator)
(color :initform ,color)
(foreground-color :initform ,foreground-color)
;;; Evaluation
(define-handle evaluate :bang)
(define-method tap evaluate (x y)
(evaluate %target))
;;; Getting a context menu
(define-handle open-menu :menu)
(define-method tap open-menu (x y)
(let ((menu (context-menu %target)))
(add-block (world) menu)
(move-to menu x y)))
;;; Dropping things down into the object layer
(define-handle drop :drop)
(define-method tap drop (x0 y0)
(unless (has-object (world) %target)
(add-object (world) %target)
(after-drop-hook %target)))
(define-method update drop ()
(when (%quadtree-node %target)
;; ghost/highlight when already in object layer
(highlight self))
(update%super self))
;;; Picking them up from the object layer
(define-handle pick-up :pick-up)
(define-method tap pick-up (x0 y0)
(unless (contains (world) %target)
(add-block (world) %target)))
(define-method update pick-up ()
(when (null (%quadtree-node %target))
;; ghost/highlight when not in object layer
(highlight self))
(update%super self))
;;; Moving objects or groups of them
(define-handle move :move
:fields (positions))
(define-method can-pick move () t)
(define-method pick move () self)
(define-method drag move (x0 y0)
(with-fields (positions) self
(when (null positions)
;; drag all selected objects
(dolist (thing (cons %target (get-selection (world))))
(with-fields (x y) thing
;; store initial offset from pointer
(push (list thing
(- x x0)
(- y y0))
(dolist (entry positions)
(destructuring-bind (thing x y) entry
(move-to thing
(+ x x0)
(+ y y0))))))
;;; Resizing objects interactively
(define-handle resize :resize)
(define-method can-pick resize () t)
(define-method pick resize () self)
(define-method drag resize (x0 y0)
(with-fields (x y width height) %target
(resize %target
(- x0 x)
(- y0 y))))
;;; References
(define-handle program :reference)
(define-method pick program ()
(let ((ref (new 'prog0 %target)))
(prog1 ref
(move-to ref *pointer-x* *pointer-y*))))
(define-method tap program (x y)
(drop self (pick self)))
;;; Destroying objects
(define-handle destroy :close)
(define-method tap destroy (x y)
(assert %target)
(destroy %target)
;; get rid of halo
(when %parent
(destroy %parent)))
(define-handle collapse :collapse)
;;; Copy and cut
(define-handle copy :copy)
(define-method tap copy (x y)
(copy (world) (cons %target (get-selection (world)))))
(define-handle cut :cut)
(define-method tap cut (x y)
(cut (world) (cons %target (get-selection (world)))))
;;; The halo, which manages all the handles
(defparameter *halo-handles*
'(:evaluate :open-menu :drop :move :pick-up :resize :program :cut :copy :destroy))
(define-block halo target)
(define-method initialize halo (target)
(assert (blockyp target))
(setf %target target)
(apply #'initialize%super self
(mapcar #'(lambda (handle)
(clone (make-prototype-id handle) target))
(define-method layout halo ()
(with-fields (x y width height) %target
(let ((size (* *handle-scale* (indicator-size))))
(setf %x (- x size))
(setf %y (- y size))
;; add twice the halo border to make sure
;; we get clicks all the way to the right of the halo
(setf %width (+ width (* 2 size)))
(setf %height (+ height (* 2 size)))
;; now lay out the individual items
(mapc #'layout %inputs))))
(define-method draw halo ()
(mapc #'draw %inputs))
(define-method can-pick halo ()
(can-pick %target))
(define-method pick halo ()
(pick %target))
(define-method scroll-tap halo (x y)
(toggle-halo %target))
(define-method tap halo (x y)
(destroy-halo %target))
(define-method draw-hover halo ())
(define-method draw-focus halo ())
(define-method draw-highlight halo ())
(define-method accept halo (other))
;;; halo.lisp ends here