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(in-package :blocky)
(define-prototype aaa () a b c)
(define-method foo aaa ()
(list :foo :aaa))
;; define foo, bar, baz
(define-method bar aaa ()
(list :bar :aaa))
(define-method baz aaa ()
(list :baz :aaa))
(define-method quux aaa ()
(list :quux :aaa))
(define-prototype bbb (:super aaa)
d e f)
;; do not define "bar"
(define-method foo bbb ()
(append (list :foo :bbb)
(super%foo self)))
(define-method quux bbb ()
(list :quux :bbb))
(define-prototype ccc (:super bbb)
h i j)
;; do not define "foo"
(define-method bar ccc ()
(append (list :bar :ccc)
(super%bar self)))
(define-method quux ccc ()
(list :quux :ccc))
(defparameter *aaa* (new 'aaa))
(defparameter *bbb* (new 'bbb))
(defparameter *ccc* (new 'ccc))
;; foo: *ccc* -> BLOCKY:CCC -> BLOCKY:BBB* -> BLOCKY:AAA*
;; baz: *ccc* -> BLOCKY:CCC -> BLOCKY:BBB -> BLOCKY:AAA*
;; qux: *ccc* -> BLOCKY:CCC* -> BLOCKY:BBB* -> BLOCKY:AAA*
;; bar: *ccc* -> BLOCKY:CCC* -> BLOCKY:BBB -> BLOCKY:AAA*
(foo *aaa*)
(foo *bbb*)
(foo *ccc*)
(bar *aaa*)
(bar *bbb*)
(bar *ccc*)
(baz *aaa*)
(baz *bbb*)
(baz *ccc*)
(quux *aaa*)
(quux *bbb*)
(quux *ccc*)
(definer :foo *bbb*)
(next-definer :foo *aaa*)
(next-definer :foo *bbb*)
(next-definer :foo *ccc*)
(next-definer :bar *aaa*)
(next-definer :bar *bbb*)
(next-definer :bar *ccc*)
(next-definer :baz *aaa*)
(next-definer :baz *bbb*)
(next-definer :baz *ccc*)
(next-definer :quux *aaa*)
(next-definer :quux *bbb*)
(next-definer :quux *ccc*)
(next-definition :foo *aaa*)
(next-definition :foo *bbb*)
(next-definition :foo *ccc*)
(next-definition :bar *aaa*)
(next-definition :bar *bbb*)
(next-definition :bar *ccc*)
(next-definition :baz *aaa*)
(next-definition :baz *bbb*)
(next-definition :baz *ccc*)
(next-definition :quux *aaa*)
(next-definition :quux *bbb*)
(next-definition :quux *ccc*)
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