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;;; trees.lisp --- generic folding hierarchical list widget with
;;; indentation and headlines, a la orgmode
;; Copyright (C) 2011, 2012 David O'Toole
;; Author: David O'Toole <>
;; Keywords:
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
(in-package :blocky)
;;; Trees
(defvar *tree-depth* 0)
(defmacro deeper (&rest body)
`(let ((*tree-depth* (1+ *tree-depth*)))
(defparameter *depth-gray-slope* -4)
(defparameter *depth-gray-base* 50)
(defun depth-gray (depth)
(percent-gray (+ *depth-gray-base* (* depth *depth-gray-slope*))))
(define-prototype tree (:super :list)
(category :initform :structure)
(treep :initform t)
(always-visible :initform nil)
(style :initform :rounded)
(method :initform nil)
(draw-frame :initform t)
(indentation-width :initform (dash 2))
(top-level :initform nil)
(locked :initform nil)
(temporary :initform t)
action target (expanded :initform nil) (visible :initform t))
(defun treep (thing)
(is-a 'tree thing))
(define-method children tree () %inputs)
(define-method initialize tree
(&key action target top-level inputs pinned locked method category
expanded (draw-frame t) label)
(initialize%super self)
(setf %action action
%pinned pinned
%draw-frame draw-frame
%expanded expanded
%category category
%locked locked
%target target
%method method
%top-level top-level
%label label)
(when inputs (setf %inputs inputs))
;; become the parent
(when inputs
(dolist (each inputs)
(pin each)
(set-parent each self))))
(define-method evaluate tree ()
(deeper (mapcar #'evaluate %inputs)))
(define-method toggle-expanded tree (&optional force)
(with-fields (expanded locked) self
(when (or force (not locked))
(setf expanded (if expanded nil t))
(invalidate-layout self))))
(define-method expandedp tree ()
(define-method expand tree (&optional force)
(when (or force (not %locked))
(setf %expanded t)
(invalidate-layout self)))
(define-method unexpand tree (&optional force)
(when (or force (not %locked))
(setf %expanded nil)
(invalidate-layout self)))
(define-method tap tree (x y)
(declare (ignore x y))
(toggle-expanded self))
(define-method display-string tree ()
(with-fields (action label top-level) self
(let ((ellipsis (concatenate 'string (or label "") *null-display-string*)))
(if action
(etypecase action
((or string blocky:object) ellipsis)
(keyword (pretty-string action)))
(if top-level (or label "") ellipsis)))))
(define-method layout-as-string tree (string)
(with-fields (height width) self
(setf height (dash 1 (font-height *font*)))
(setf width
(+ (dash 2) (font-text-width string *font*)))))
(define-method layout tree ()
(with-fields (expanded x y always-visible height inputs label width) self
(if expanded
;; we're an expanded subtree. lay it out
;; lay out the children as in a typical list
(layout-vertically self)
;; add a little padding to the bottom
(incf height (dash 2))
;; handle the case that the label is wider than the content.
(when label
(setf width
(max width
(dash 6 (font-text-width label *font*)))))
;; make all inputs equally wide
(dolist (each inputs)
(setf (field-value :width each) (- width (dash 2))))
;; possibly adjust to stay onscreen
(when always-visible
(multiple-value-bind (top left bottom right)
(window-bounding-box (world))
(let ((overlap (- bottom
(+ y height))))
(when (minusp overlap)
(incf y overlap)
(layout-vertically self))))))
;; we're not expanded. just lay out for label.
(layout-as-string self (display-string self)))))
(define-method header-height tree ()
(if %label (font-height *font*) 0))
(define-method header-width tree ()
(if %expanded
(dash 2 (font-text-width (display-string self) *font*))
(define-method hit tree (mouse-x mouse-y)
(with-field-values (x y expanded inputs width height) self
(when (within-extents mouse-x mouse-y x y (+ x width) (+ y height))
(flet ((try (item)
(hit item mouse-x mouse-y)))
(if (not expanded)
;; we're expanded. is the mouse to the left of this
;; tree's header tab thingy?
(if %top-level
(when (and (< mouse-x (+ x (header-width self)))
(< (header-height self) mouse-y))
(some #'try inputs))
(or (some #'try inputs) self)))))))
;; (let ((hh (header-height self))
;; (hw (header-width self)))
;; ;; (message "HIT TREE")
;; (if (< y mouse-y (+ y hh))
;; ;; we're even with the header text for this tree.
;; ;; are we touching it?
;; (if (< x mouse-x (+ x hw))
;; ;; mouse is over tree title. return self to get event
;; ;; we're in the corner (possibly over top of the text
;; ;; of the next tree item's title in the tree bar).
;; ;; so, we close this tree.
;; (prog1 nil (unexpand self)))
;; (labels ((try (it)
;; (hit it mouse-x mouse-y)))
;; (some #'try inputs)))))))
(define-method draw-hover tree ()
(define-method draw-border tree ()
(define-method draw-highlight tree ()
(define-method draw-expanded tree (&optional label)
(with-field-values (x y width height parent inputs) self
(let ((display-string (or label *null-display-string*))
(header (header-height self)))
;; possibly draw a background
(when (or (null parent)
(not (null inputs))
(not (treep parent)))
(draw-patch self x y (+ x width) (+ y height)))
;; possibly colored by depth
;; (when (plusp *tree-depth*)
;; (draw-box x y width height :color (depth-gray *tree-depth*))))
(draw-label-string self display-string)
;; (draw-indicator :down-triangle-open
;; (+ %x (font-text-width display-string)
;; (dash 4))
;; (+ %y (dash 2))
;; :scale 1.6
;; :color "gray60")
(when %label
(draw-line (+ x 1) (dash 2 y header)
(+ x width -1) (dash 2 y header)
:color (find-color self :highlight))))))
(define-method draw-unexpanded tree (&optional label)
; (draw-background self)
(let ((string (or label (display-string self))))
(draw-label-string self string)
(draw-indicator :down-triangle-closed
(+ %x (font-text-width string)
(dash 4))
(+ %y (dash 2))
:scale 1.6
:color "yellow")))
(define-method draw-subtree tree ()
(dolist (each %inputs)
(draw each))))
(define-method draw tree (&optional highlight)
(with-fields (visible draw-frame expanded label inputs) self
(when visible
(with-style %style
(if expanded
(when draw-frame
(draw-expanded self label))
(draw-subtree self))
(when draw-frame (draw-unexpanded self label)))))))
;; see system.lisp for example tree menu
(defun make-tree (items &key target category (tree-prototype "BLOCKY:TREE"))
(labels ((xform (item)
(if (listp item)
(if (listp (first item))
(mapcar #'xform item)
(apply #'clone tree-prototype
:target target
:category category
(mapcar #'xform item)))
(xform items)))
;;; Menus
(define-prototype menu (:super :tree)
(action :initform nil)
(always-visible :initform t)
(style :initform :rounded)
(top-level :initform nil)
(category :initform :menu)
(tags :initform '(:menu)))
(defun menup (thing)
(is-a 'menu thing))
(define-method siblings menu ()
(when %parent
(remove-if-not #'menup (%inputs %parent))))
(defvar *menu-prototype* nil)
(defun make-menu (items &key target)
(make-tree items
:target target
:category :menu
;; menu items should not accept any dragged widgets.
(define-method accept menu (&rest args) nil)
(define-method can-pick menu ()
;; allow making code blocks from menu items
(or %method
(or (keywordp %action)
;; disallow pulling main menus
(not %top-level))))
(define-method pick menu ()
(when %target
(if (keywordp %method)
(let ((message
(message-for-method %method %target)))
(prog1 message
(with-fields (x y) message
(setf x %x y %y))))
(define-method alternate-tap menu (x y)
(when (or (null %parent)
(not (is-a 'menu %parent)))
(alternate-tap%super self x y)))
(define-method tap menu (x y)
(declare (ignore x y))
(with-fields (action target) self
(typecase action
(function (funcall action))
(string (evaluate action))
(keyword (when (has-method action target)
(send action (or target (symbol-value '*system*)))))
;; we're a submenu, not an individual menu command.
;; first close any other open menus
(mapc #'unexpand (siblings self))
(toggle-expanded self)))))
(defparameter *menu-tab-color* "gray60")
(defparameter *menu-title-color* "white")
(define-method draw-expanded menu (&optional label)
(with-field-values (action x y width height parent inputs top-level) self
(let ((header (header-height self)))
(if top-level
;; draw the header a bit differently to avoid over-drawing
;; other headers in a menu bar situation.
(assert parent)
(draw-patch self x (+ 1 y)
(+ (dash 2) x (header-width self))
(dash 3 y header)
:color *menu-tab-color*)
self (or label *null-display-string*) *menu-title-color*)
;; draw the rest of the tree background
(draw-patch self
x (dash 2 y header)
(dash 0 x width)
(- (dash 1 y height) (dash 1))))
;; nope, draw in the typical fashion.
(draw-expanded%super self label))
;; draw status indicator on submenus
(when (and (not %locked) parent (menup parent))
(draw-indicator :down-triangle-open
(+ %x (font-text-width (or label *null-display-string*))
(dash 4))
(+ %y (dash 2))
:scale 1.6
:color "gray50")))))
(define-method draw-unexpanded menu (&optional label)
(with-fields (action target top-level) self
(let ((text (or label (display-string self))))
(draw-label-string self
(find-color self :foreground)))))
(define-method draw-highlight menu ()
(with-fields (y height expanded parent top-level) self
(when parent
(with-fields (x width) parent
;; don't highlight top-level trees.
(when (and (not expanded) (not top-level))
(draw-box (+ x (dash 2))
(+ y (dash 1))
(- width (dash 4))
(+ height 1)
:color *highlight-background-color*)
(draw-label-string self (display-string self)))))))
;;; menus.lisp ends here