Calipso is a simple NodeJS content management system based on Express, Connect & Mongoose.
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Calipso is a simple NodeJS content management system, built along similar themes to Drupal and Wordpress, that is designed to be fast, flexible and simple.

For additional details, including installation instructions, please visit the home page:

If you would like to contribute, please take a look at the issues list as this will have the most up to date view of work that needs to be done for the next minor release. Otherwise, please just pm myself (cliftonc), dennis (dennishall) or dale (dtan) and we can suggest some places for you to start.

Quick Install

If you want to try it out as quickly as possible, please install MongoDB, ensure that you have the right compilers installed (for OSX, XCode4 will work, for Ubuntu, the build-essential and libssl-dev packages) and then use NPM:

    npm install calipso -g
    calipso site /var/www/MySite
    cd /var/www/MySite
    calipso server

Using node v0.5.3

Since node v0.5.3 has removed require.paths, in order to require('lib/calipso'), you must include the following to your file:

    var rootpath = process.cwd() + '/',
      path = require('path'),
      calipso = require(path.join(rootpath, 'lib/calipso'));

That also goes for including anything that is based on the root path of the project directory.

Note on Ubuntu

Sometimes to install the mongodb client on Ubuntu, you need to pass through the —mongodb:native parameter (only try this if you have problems with the typical install, it doesn’t seem to occur on the most recent versions of the mongodb client):

    npm install calipso -g --mongodb:native

This is relatively new, and as I am working on the module management functions there are some tricky dependencies in core (e.g. expat, mongodb) that require compilation and can cause issues. Please raise / update issues if you find them.

Calipso Command Line Client

The commands currently supported from the command line client are:

Commands That Run Anywhere

    calipso                            : Show this help file.
    calipso site <name|folder>         : Create site in folder.

Commands That Run In Site Folder

The most important of these at the moment is ‘modules check’ (this will ensure that all modules have all of their dependencies installed via npm), and should be run on site install.

    calipso install                    : Re-run site install.

    calipso cluster server.port=3000   : Run as cluster.
    calipso server server.port=3000    : Run as a single server.

    calipso modules list               : List installed modules.
    calipso modules check              : Check installation of all modules.
    calipso modules install *mod@ver   : Install module@version, or reinstall module.
    calipso modules download github    : Download module from github (e.g. cliftonc/calipso-elastic)
    calipso modules enable *mod        : Enable module.
    calipso modules disable *mod       : Disable module.

    calipso themes list                : List installed themes.
    calipso themes uninstall *theme    : Remove theme (delete from disk)
    calipso themes download *url       : Download (url: http://, gh: cliftonc/calipso-site-theme, repo: calipso-site).