HTML5 canvas (and PHP GD) 2.5D landscape renderer
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Steppe is a custom HTML5 canvas 2.5D landscape renderer and compositor. The JavaScript source code for Steppe is unobfuscated and can be used free of charge in your own projects (MIT license).

Steppe, like Fleeting Fantasy, is actively under development so we recommend you wait until it's production-ready before using it for anything serious. That doesn't mean you shouldn't play with it now though; go right ahead!





  • Four degrees of freedom (4DoF); translation along the x, y, and z axes and rotation about the y axis
  • Reflection-mapped, semi-transparent water with globally variable height
  • Full 360-degree panoramic sky
  • Floating horizon and faux camera tilt
  • Coloured, distance fog for better depth perception
  • Texture-mapped terrain with client-side compositor accepting multiple textures
  • Antialiasing for smoother rendering results (currently unavailable)
  • Configurable render quality from low, through medium, to high
  • 2D billboarded sprites (JS only)
  • Alternative texturemap for out-of-bounds terrain
  • PHP port for graceful degradation where HTML5 canvas isn't supported
  • MIT license
  • All HTML5 2D canvas; no WebGL!

Coming Soon

  • Fog applied to sprites
  • Sanitised API
  • Pre-calculated lightmap support for shadows

Steppe Mars Demo

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