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Emacs editing mode for Nginx config files
Emacs Lisp
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nginx-mode.el --- major mode for editing nginx config files

Copyright 2010 Andrew J Cosgriff

available from

Licensed under the GPL version 3 or later.


This is a quick mode for editing Nginx config files, as I didn't find anything else around that did quite this much.

Many thanks to the authors of puppet-mode.el, from where I found a useful indentation function that I've modified to suit this situation.

Put this file into your load-path and the following into your ~/.emacs:

  (require 'nginx-mode)

The mode should automatically activate for files called nginx.conf and files under /etc/nginx - if not, you can add something like this to your init file:

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("/etc/nginx/sites-available/.*" . nginx-mode))   
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