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A plugin for Wolf CMS that enables you to display tumblr posts on your site.

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Plugin for Wolf CMS & Frog CMS created by A.J. Cates

Tumblr allows you to display posts from on your Wolf CMS or Frog CMS site.

tumblrPosts($username, $page);

Set $username to what ever your tumblr username is, and $page to the page you would like return.

printTumblrPosts($username, $page);

You can also use printTumblrPosts() to print the posts directly to the screen.


The tumblrInfo() function will return an associative array with information from the tumblr of $username.

tumblrPost($username, $id);

The tumblrPost() function will return a single tumblr post array object.

printTumblrPost($username, $id);

The printTumblrPost() function will print a single tumblr post.

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