Update utility for EntryDNS A Records Use your own domain name for Dynamic DNS!
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EntryDNS Updater

A basic python script to update EntryDNS A Records providing dynamic DNS on a custom domain.


  1. EntryDNS must be the name server for your domain (ns1.entrydns.net, ns2.entrydns.net)

  2. You must create an A record for the domain within EntryDNS, which will grant you with an API token for updating that domain.

Updating Hosts

The entrydns-updater script can update as many hosts as you would like to your current public IP address. In order to configure the script, see the example.hosts.json file for the expected format. This file should be created/renamed as hosts.json.

The reference-id is purely for your reference and will be used in log scripts, so choose a sensible unique name relating to your domain/host. The entrydns-access-token is the API token generated when creating an A record for the domain.

Running the script will read your current IP address and check it against a cache file, this is to prevent you spamming EntryDNS with update requests if no update is needed. The cache file is automatically created and resides within the entrydns-updater directory as .entrydns-cachedip.

When your public IP does not match this cache, an update request will be performed for each entry within the hosts.json file.

Automating the task

The script has been engineered to be a run once update solution at the moment, and as such it is a perfect candidate for cron:

0,30	*	*	*	* /path/to/entrydns-updater/entrydns-updater.py > /path/to/entrydns-updater/entrydns-updater.log

That would be a good starting point for running every 30 minutes. It also puts all of the output from the program into a log file rather than letting cron send you emails every 30 minutes!