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This file is part of memview, a real-time memory trace visualization
Copyright (C) 2013 Andrew Clinton
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA
02111-1307, USA.
The GNU General Public License is contained in the file COPYING.
#ifndef Window_H
#define Window_H
#include <QtGui>
#include <QGLWidget>
#include <QtOpenGL>
#include "Math.h"
#include "GLImage.h"
#include "StopWatch.h"
#include "MemoryState.h"
#include "DisplayLayout.h"
#include "IntervalMap.h"
#include <queue>
class MemViewWidget;
class MemViewScroll;
class Loader;
// A horizontal slider widget with a label to the left and right. The
// right label shows the numeric value of the slider. The slider values
// are mapped to powers of 2.
class LogSlider : public QWidget { Q_OBJECT
LogSlider(const char *name, int maxlogval, int deflogval);
void setLogValue(int value);
void valueChanged(int value);
public slots:
void fromLog(int value);
QLabel *myLabel;
QSlider *mySlider;
QLabel *myNumber;
class Window : public QMainWindow { Q_OBJECT
Window(int argc, char *argv[]);
virtual ~Window();
QSize sizeHint() const;
QActionGroup *createActionGroup(QMenu *menu,
const char *names[],
QAction *actions[],
int count,
int def_action);
public slots:
void toolbar(bool value);
QMenu *myFileMenu;
QAction *myQuit;
QMenu *myLayoutMenu;
static const int theVisCount = 3;
QActionGroup *myVisGroup;
QAction *myVis[theVisCount];
static const int theLayoutCount = 2;
QActionGroup *myLayoutGroup;
QAction *myLayout[theLayoutCount];
static const int theDisplayCount = 5;
QMenu *myDisplayMenu;
QActionGroup *myDisplayGroup;
QAction *myDisplay[theDisplayCount];
QAction *myDisplayDimmer;
QAction *myDisplayShowToolBar;
static const int theDataTypeCount = 6;
QMenu *myDataTypeMenu;
QActionGroup *myDataTypeGroup;
QAction *myDataType[theDataTypeCount];
QToolBar *myToolBar;
MemViewWidget *myMemView;
MemViewScroll *myScrollArea;
// A scroll area to contain the memory view. We'll pass off control over
// the vertical scrollbar to MemViewWidget.
class MemViewScroll : public QAbstractScrollArea {
MemViewScroll(QWidget *parent)
: QAbstractScrollArea(parent) {}
// Viewport events need to be passed directly to the viewport.
bool viewportEvent(QEvent *) { return false; }
// A widget to render the memory visualization.
class MemViewWidget : public QGLWidget { Q_OBJECT
MemViewWidget(QGLFormat format,
int argc, char *argv[],
QWidget *parent,
QScrollBar *vscrollbar,
QScrollBar *hscrollbar,
QStatusBar *status);
virtual ~MemViewWidget();
virtual void paint(QPaintEvent *event)
{ paintEvent(event); }
virtual void initializeGL();
virtual void resizeGL(int width, int height);
virtual void paintGL();
virtual bool event(QEvent *event);
virtual void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *event);
virtual void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event);
virtual void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *event);
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *event);
virtual void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent *event);
virtual void timerEvent(QTimerEvent *event);
void resizeImage(int zoom);
void changeZoom(int zoom);
QPoint zoomPos(QPoint pos, int zoom) const;
// This method will adjust the scroll bars given a delta against the
// current position. dir is in absolute pixel coordinates (no
// zooming). If a scroll bar value changed, returns true.
bool panBy(QPoint dir);
void paintText();
private slots:
void linear();
void block();
void hilbert();
void compact();
void full();
void display(QAction *action);
void datatype(QAction *action);
void dimmer();
void batchSize(int value);
GLImage<uint32> myImage;
QScrollBar *myVScrollBar;
QScrollBar *myHScrollBar;
QStatusBar *myStatusBar;
QLabel *myStatusMessage;
QLabel *myStatusZoom;
std::string myPath;
QGLShaderProgram *myProgram;
GLuint myTexture;
GLuint myColorTexture;
GLuint myPixelBuffer;
DisplayLayout myDisplay;
MemoryState *myState;
MemoryState *myZoomState;
StackTraceMap *myStackTrace;
std::string myStackString;
uint64 myStackSelection;
MMapMap *myMMapMap;
Loader *myLoader;
QString myEventInfo;
uint64 myPrevEvents;
int myZoom;
int myFastTimer;
int mySlowTimer;
int myDisplayMode;
int myDisplayDimmer;
int myDataType;
struct Velocity {
Velocity(double a, double b, double t) : x(a), y(b), time(t) {}
Velocity operator+(const Velocity &v) const
return Velocity(v.x + x, v.y + y, v.time + time);
Velocity &operator+=(const Velocity &v)
x += v.x;
y += v.y;
time += v.time;
return *this;
Velocity &operator*=(double a)
x *= a;
y *= a;
time *= a;
return *this;
double x;
double y;
double time;
StopWatch myStopWatch;
StopWatch myPaintInterval;
StopWatch myEventTimer;
QPoint myMousePos;
QPoint myDragRemainder;
std::queue<Velocity> myVelocity;
bool myDragging;
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