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#pragma once
#include <TimeLib.h>
#include <WiFiUdp.h>
* A class to retrieve the current time from the internet.
class InternetTimeClass {
* Constructs a new internet time source (NTP).
* Begins checking the time.
* @param[in] timeServer The hostname of the time server to use
* @param[in] interval The number of seconds between sync intervals
void begin(const char* timeServer, time_t interval);
* Gets the time from the server.
* @return the number of seconds since 1970, in local time
time_t getTime();
// The format of an NTP timestamp: whole seconds followed by fractional
typedef struct timestamp {
uint32_t ts_seconds;
uint32_t ts_fraction;
} timestamp_t;
// See RFC 1305 for details on the transmit packet structure.
typedef struct ntp_packet {
// These bits are swapped due to endianness conversion
unsigned mode: 3;
unsigned version: 3;
unsigned leap: 2;
uint8_t stratum;
int8_t poll;
int8_t precision;
uint32_t root_delay;
uint32_t root_dispersion;
uint32_t ref_id;
uint64_t ref_ts;
uint64_t origin_ts;
uint64_t recv_ts;
uint64_t trans_ts;
} ntp_packet_t;
void sendRequest(IPAddress ip);
time_t parseResponse(ntp_packet_t & packet, uint64_t clientTransmitTime, uint64_t clientReceiveTime);
int8_t calculatePrecision();
uint64_t getNtpTimestamp();
const char* hostname;
WiFiUDP udp;
uint64_t lastSyncTime;
int8_t precision;
extern InternetTimeClass InternetTime;