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Function to split a string of contiguous words
into a sequence of known words.
def _cut_last_word(seq, output_list):
last_word = seq[-1]
pos = []
for index in range(1, len(last_word)):
left_word = last_word[:index]
if left_word in words:
right_word = last_word[index:]
new_seq = seq[:-1] + [left_word, right_word]
if right_word in words:
return pos
def splitter(string):
output_list = []
sequences = [[string]]
if string in words:
while True:
temp_list = []
for seq in sequences:
temp_list.extend(_cut_last_word(seq, output_list))
if not temp_list:
# no new possibilities for splits
sequences = temp_list
return [' '.join(x) for x in output_list]
word_input_file = 'word_list.txt'
with open(input_file, 'r') as f:
words = {line.rstrip() for line in f}