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Supertextarea plugin for jQuery
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jQuery Supertextarea Plugin (1.0)

This is not compatible with earlier supertextarea that used shoter option names.


Supertextarea turns your ordinary, lame textareas into extraordinary super text areas. You can have them shrink or expand vertically or horizontally and have the tab key create real tab stops or even spaces. Supertextareas can have max lengths and even automatically display remaining characters.


The jQuery supertextarea plugin was designed to improve on the significantly lacking functionality of the normal textarea.

It is highly extensible and you can design textareas that can be used from all kinds of purposes from writing letters to writing code.


  • jQuery 1.3+



Include jQuery. Any time after that, include this script as you would any other script file. You can then use $("textarea").supertextarea(); at will.


  • Use four spaces for indentation
  • Write if (, for (, and function ( as opposed to if(, for(, function(
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