REST Layer Google Datastore resource storage handler
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REST Layer Google Datastore Backend

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This REST Layer resource storage backend stores data in a Google Datastore using datastore.

This backend used cmorent/rest-layer-datastore as a base and borrows structure and approach from rs/rest-layer-mongo. It uses the general library rather than specific appengine library.


import ""

Or use for a more stable v1 release

import ""

Create a datastore client

ctx := context.Background()
client, err := datastore.NewClient(ctx, "project-id")
if err != nil {
	log.Fatalf("Error connecting to Datastore: %s", err)

Then use this to create a new Handler for your resource binds

// params for the handler
namespace := "default"
entity := "users"
// bind the users resource with the datastore handler
index.Bind("users", user, datastore.NewHandler(client, namespace, entity), resource.DefaultConf)

You can also set a number of Datastore properties which you would like to exclude from being indexed with SetNoIndexProperties on your handler struct.

// create a handler for the resource.
index.Bind("users", user, datastore.NewHandler(client, namespace, entity).SetNoIndexProperties([]string{"prop1", "prop2"}), resource.DefaultConf)

Supported filter operators

  • $and
  • $or
  • $lt
  • $lte
  • $gt
  • $gte
  • $in
  • $nin
  • $exists