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import datetime
from bson.objectid import ObjectId
from dictshield.document import Document, EmbeddedDocument
from dictshield.fields import StringField, IntField, DateTimeField
from dictshield.fields.compound import SortedListField, EmbeddedDocumentField, ListField
from dictshield.fields.mongo import ObjectIdField
from import absolute
import pytz
from motor_blog.text import markup, summarize, slugify, plain
utc_tz = pytz.timezone('UTC')
class BlogDocument(Document):
def date_created(self):
"""datetime when this post was created, timezone-aware in UTC"""
class Meta:
id_field = ObjectIdField
class Category(BlogDocument):
name = StringField()
slug = StringField()
def _from_rpc(cls, struct, name):
_id = ObjectId(
struct['categoryId']) if 'categoryId' in struct else None
return cls(name=name, slug=slugify.slugify(name), id=_id)
def from_wordpress(cls, struct):
name = struct['name']
return cls._from_rpc(struct, name)
def from_metaweblog(cls, struct):
name = struct['categoryName']
return cls._from_rpc(struct, name)
def to_wordpress(self, application):
url = absolute(application.reverse_url('category', self.slug))
return {
'categoryId': str(,
'htmlUrl': url,
'rssUrl': url,
to_metaweblog = to_wordpress
def last_modified(self):
return self.date_created
class EmbeddedCategory(Category, EmbeddedDocument):
class GuestAccessToken(EmbeddedDocument):
"""One who knows the guest access token can see the unpublished draft."""
name = StringField()
token = ObjectIdField(auto_fill=True)
class Post(BlogDocument):
"""A post or a page"""
title = StringField(default='')
# Formatted for display.
body = StringField(default='')
# Input from MarsEdit or migrate_from_wordpress.
original = StringField(default='')
# Plain text.
plain = StringField(default='')
# Plain-text excerpt.
summary = StringField(default='')
author = StringField(default='')
type = StringField(choices=('post', 'page'), default='post')
status = StringField(
choices=('publish', 'draft', 'redirect'), default='publish')
meta_description = StringField(default='')
tags = SortedListField(StringField())
categories = SortedListField(EmbeddedDocumentField(EmbeddedCategory))
slug = StringField(default='')
guest_access_tokens = ListField(EmbeddedDocumentField(GuestAccessToken))
wordpress_id = IntField() # legacy id from WordPress
pub_date = DateTimeField()
mod = DateTimeField()
# Post was moved, this is its new slug.
redirect = StringField(default=None)
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(Post, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
if not self.mod.tzinfo:
self.mod = utc_tz.localize(self.mod)
def from_metaweblog(
cls, struct, post_type='post', is_edit=False
"""Receive metaWeblog RPC struct and initialize a Post.
Used both by migrate_from_wordpress and when receiving a new or
edited post from MarsEdit.
title = struct.get('title', '')
meta_description = struct.get('mt_excerpt', '')
if len(meta_description) > 155:
raise ValueError(
"Description is %d chars, max 155" % len(meta_description))
if 'mt_keywords' in struct:
tags = [
tag.strip() for tag in struct['mt_keywords'].split(',')
if tag.strip()]
tags = None
slug = (
if struct.get('wp_slug')
else slugify.slugify(title))
description = struct.get('description', '')
status = (struct.get('post_status')
or struct.get('page_status')
or 'publish')
if 'date_modified_gmt' in struct:
tup = struct['date_modified_gmt'].timetuple()
mod = utc_tz.localize(datetime.datetime(*tup[0:6]))
mod = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
body = markup.markup(description)
rv = cls(
# Format for display
summary=summarize.summarize(body, 200),
if not is_edit and 'date_created_gmt' in struct:
# TODO: can fail if two posts created in same second, add random
# suffix to ObjectId
date_created = datetime.datetime.strptime(
struct['date_created_gmt'].value, "%Y%m%dT%H:%M:%S") = ObjectId.from_datetime(date_created)
return rv
def to_metaweblog(self, application):
# We're kind of throwing fieldnames at the wall and seeing what sticks,
# MarsEdit expects different names in the responses to different API
# calls.
if self.status == 'publish':
url = absolute(application.reverse_url('post', self.slug))
url = absolute(application.reverse_url('draft', self.slug))
rv = {
'title': self.title,
# Note we're returning the original, not the display version
'description': self.original,
'link': url,
'permaLink': url,
'categories': [
cat.to_metaweblog(application) for cat in self['categories']],
'mt_keywords': ','.join(self['tags']),
'dateCreated': self.local_date_created(application),
'date_created_gmt': self.date_created,
'postid': str(,
'id': str(,
'status': self.status,
'wp_slug': self.slug,
'mt_excerpt': self.meta_description,
if self.type == 'post':
rv['post_id'] = str(
rv['post_status'] = self.status
elif self.type == 'page':
rv['page_id'] = str(
rv['page_status'] = self.status
return rv
def to_python(self):
dct = super(Post, self).to_python()
# Avoid bug where metaWeblog_editPost() sets categories to []
if not self.categories:
dct.pop('categories', None)
# TODO: for other models, too?
if 'id' in dct:
dct['_id'] = dct.pop('id')
return dct
def date_created(self):
if self.pub_date:
return utc_tz.localize(self.pub_date)
return super(Post, self).date_created
def local_date_created(self, application):
dc = self.date_created
tz = application.settings['tz']
return tz.normalize(dc.astimezone(tz))
def local_short_date(self, application):
dc = self.local_date_created(application)
return '%s/%s/%s' % (dc.month,, dc.year)
def local_long_date(self, application):
dc = self.local_date_created(application)
return '%s %s, %s' % (dc.strftime('%b'),, dc.year)
def local_time_of_day(self, application):
dc = self.local_date_created(application)
return '%d:%02d %s' % (dc.hour % 12, dc.minute, dc.strftime('%p'))
def last_modified(self):
return max(self.date_created, self.mod)
def display_summary(self):
return self.meta_description if self.meta_description else self.summary
def has_guest_access_token(self, token):
"""Is the given ObjectId a valid access token?"""
assert isinstance(token, ObjectId)
for token_object in self.guest_access_tokens:
if token_object.token == token:
return True
return False