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I’ve developed this script to the point where it worked for my one-time need: Parse the XML file in which Cultured Code’s Things had stored my task list, and import the tasks into Remember The Milk. At the top of the script I’ve noted a number of bugs that prevent this script from being production-quality, but which weren’t worth my time to fix right now. The only difficult task is to decode Things’ date format so the script can properly translate due dates.

Another problem with the script is due to a limitation of the Remember The Milk API: Tasks’ create-dates and completion dates can’t be set with the API. So all completed tasks that the script imports from Things to Remember The Milk appear to have been created and completed at the time the script ran, rather than the time the user actually created and completed them in Things.

I encourage you to play with this script, submit fixes, etc. If you want to set up a web app where users can upload their Database.xml Things files and do the Things→RTM conversion on the web, please fork this codebase and get a new API from Remember The Milk.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis