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Whistler Bot

Whistler Bot is an XMPP bot written in python using SleekXMPP [1], which is a requirement. The bot is designed to handle some commands, and it's easy to extend.

Simple usage:

from import WhistlerBot

bot = WhistlerBot( "", "mypassword" )

The provided console script called whistler is a single bot which reply to a !ping command.


Extending bot

You can extend the bot functionalities, just see for example the code of the whistler console script. In short you can add commands creating a new class from WhistlerBot, and define new functions in the form cmd_ plus the command name, for example, to handle the command ping:

from import WhistlerBot

class MyBot(WhistlerBot):

    def cmd_ping(self, msg, args):
        return "pong"


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