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The Small Holding Sensor Framework is a collection of arduino code, hardware designs and server software to manage a sensor collection in an intelligent manner.

It is specifically designed for small holdings, hobby farms, etc, but is equally applicable to larger properties, industry and homes.

Currently the range of controllers include:

  • Motion Sensing Light
  • Brooder Temperature Control
  • General Purpose Temperature Control
  • Greywater Control
  • Solar Hot Water Control
  • Temperature Management for Chicken Coops
  • Tank Depth Sensing

Each of these was designed for a problem at hand and is in current use.

Virtually all of the devices use the Arduino Pro Mini or compatible. Originaly using the Digi XBee, now mostly settled on the NRF24L+ low-cost radio modules.

Most work recently is on creating a generic sensor that can be adapted to most situations. This has been based on the General Purpose Temperature Controller, and in its first incarnation is used to manage either one or two temperature sensors for either heating or cooling. This has now supplanted the Brooder Temperature Control, General Purpose Temperature Control, Solar Hot Water Control and is being usd in all of these situations as well as managing a Solar ceiling cooler. The idea is to get this down to a few small boards that can be replicated easily for differing purposes.

Arduino libraries required:

  • DHT22
  • PciManager
  • SoftTimer
  • DallasTemperatureControl
  • OneWire