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Getting Started

Required knowledge

  • Python 3
  • JavaScript (ES5, ES6 or CoffeeScript)
  • basic AngularJS knowledge (modules & controllers)
  • basic HTML skills

Setting up development environent

1. Install Ajenti

We recommend to use the automatic installer - see the :ref:`installation guide <installing>`

2. Install build tools

Build tools require NodeJS - you can use the NodeSource repositories for quick setup:

# Using Ubuntu
curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

# Using Debian, as root
curl -sL | bash -
apt-get install -y nodejs

# Using RHEL or centos, as root
curl -sL | bash -

Now, install the build tools:

npm -g install bower babel-cli babel-preset-es2015 babel-plugin-external-helpers less coffee-script angular-gettext-cli angular-gettext-tools

# Ubuntu or Debian:
apt-get install gettext

# RHEL or CentOS
dnf install gettext

3. Install ajenti-dev-multitool

pip3 install ajenti-dev-multitool

Your first plugin

Create a new plugin in the current directory:

ajenti-dev-multitool --new-plugin "Some plugin name"

Build resources:

cd some_plugin_name
ajenti-dev-multitool --build

And start it:

sudo ajenti-dev-multitool --run-dev

This will start Ajenti with the stock plugins plus the current one, and will rebuild plugin resources every time you reload Ajenti in browser.

Navigate to http://localhost:8000/. You should see new plugin in the sidebar.

What's inside

Each plugin package consists of Python modules, which contain :class:`jadi.component` classes (components). Packages also may contain :ref:`static files, templates and JS and CSS code <dev-resources>`, e.g.:

* some_plugin_name
  - plugin.yml # plugin description
  * resources
    * vendor
      - jquery-ui # Bower components
  * js
    - module.js # Angular.js code
  * css
    - styles.css
    - styles.less
  * partials
    -- index.html

Where to go from here

Example plugins

Download plugins from here: or clone this entire repository.

Prep work:

ajenti-dev-multitool --bower install
ajenti-dev-multitool --rebuild


ajenti-dev-multitool --run-dev


Changes in ES6, CoffeeScript and LESS files will be recompiled automatically when you refresh the page; Python code will not. Additional debug information will be available in the console output and browser console. Reloading the page with Ctrl-F5 (Cache-Control: no-cache) will unconditionally rebuild all resources

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