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Angular: ajenti.augeas


.. js:class:: augeas

    .. js:function:: get(endpoint)

        Reads an Augeas tree from server side.

        :returns: promise → AugeasConfig

    .. js:function:: set(endpoint, config)

        Overwrites an Augeas tree on the server side.

        :returns: promise

.. js:class:: AugeasNode

    .. js:data:: name

    .. js:data:: value

    .. js:data:: parent

    .. js:data:: children

    .. js:function:: fullPath()

.. js:class:: AugeasConfig

    This is a JS doppelganger of normal Augeas API. In particular, it doesn't support advanced XPath syntax, and operates with regular expressions instead.

    .. js:function:: get(path)

        :returns: :class:`AugeasNode`

    .. js:function:: set(path, value)

    .. js:function:: model(path)

        :returns: a getter/setter function suitable for use as a ``ngModel``

    .. js:function:: insert(path, value, index)

    .. js:function:: remove(path)

    .. js:function:: match(path)

        :returns: ``Array(string)``

    .. js:function:: matchNodes(path)

        :returns: ``Array(AugeasNode)``