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Ajenti demo plugins

This repository contains simple commented examples of Ajenti plugins.


git clone
cd demo-plugins

sudo npm install -g babel babel-preset-es2015 less bower
sudo pip install ajenti-panel ajenti-dev-multitool ajenti.plugin.core
ajenti-dev-multitool --bower install
ajenti-dev-multitool --build

sudo ajenti-panel -v --autologin --stock-plugins --plugins .

Demo 1: minimal

A super-minimal example of a plugin. Prints an info message to log.

Demo 2: UI

A minimal UI example showing a page and some Angular.JS interaction

Demo 3: Bower

Example of a plugin that includes a Bower component (Chart.JS).

Before running, download the component (not included): ajenti-dev-multitool --bower install

Demo 4: HTTP

Example of how one can add custom backend API methods

Demo 5: Dashboard Widget