Demo code for my WDC14 presentation on parts of the Device API
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WDC14 Code examples for Device API

This branch holds the various examples used for my presentation at WDC14 in Melbourne.

These examples will permanently reside in branch WDC14 for any future presentations I might do related to this repo.

If you are looking for touchy feely demos given at WDC12 please look in the WDC12 branch where they are self contained. If you're looking for Device Motion and Device Orientation demos given at WDC13 please review the WDC13 branch.

To run the examples, clone the repo (or download the files) into a folder. Run your favourite webserver pointed at the repository.

In Python (will run server on

cd /path/to/repo/dir
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

In node (will run server on

cd /path/to/repo/dir
npm install

Then just point your browser at wherever the server is running and you can play with the examples.

Feel free to hack away on things and if you notice anything worth improving then all pull requests submitted to will be considered