Rio Grande Valley Regional Science and Engineering Fair Registration site
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RGV Regional Science and Engineering Fair


This is the registration site for the RGV Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

Based on Flask, WTForms and Flask-WTF, SQLAlchemy and Flask-SQLAlchemy, Flask-Script, Flask-Login, It's Dangerous, Flask-Mail and a few other nuts and bolts.

We run this registration site on Heroku, and have included an example of a .env file used to define the environment variables required to configure the application. These can also be used with Foreman to manage sample, for those interested in running this there as well.


This site is deployable using any wsgi server interface.

Simply running python runserver will get you a development server, but for example, you can run the app in a near production ready mode via Gunicorn using gunicorn -w 4 RGVRSEF:app (assuming you have gunicorn installed).

If you use the included Procfile in conjunction with Foreman, you can also run foreman start to start a production rated server. The included Procfile uses Gunicorn, so that must be installed to use Foreman.

For some examples on flask deployment, see the flask documentation section Deployment Options.

Again, we use Heroku for deployment, and for more on Heroku deployment of this app, see


This software is written by Anthony J. Ford and Alejandro Garcia.


This software is licensed under the '3-Clause BSD' license, and can be viewed in the accompanying license file, LICENSE. This software is open source and free to use and modify to suit your needs. The authors of this software would greatly appreciate being notified if you use this software, especially if it is used to support a local science fair.

All dependencies of this software are to be held to their own licenses, but at the time of this writing they too are open source projects.