A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for timer management
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A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for timer management.


Include script after the jQuery library (unless you are packaging scripts somehow else):

<script src="/path/to/jquery.timer.js"></script>


Create timer:

$.timer('my_timer', function() { /* my Callback Code */ }, 10);

Get timer:


Start/pause/resume/stop timer:


Get timer status:

$.timer('my_timer').status(); // => "stopped"

Return timers list:

$.timer(); // => ["my_timer"]

Delete timer:

$.timer('my_timer', null);

Create timer with 1 second interval and working 1 minute

$.timer('other_timer', function() { /* my Callback Code */ }, 1000, {timeout: 60000});

Function definition:

$.timer(name, callback, interval, options);


name: <mandatory>

Defines a unique name of a timer. It has to start from a letter and contain only letters, numbers or underscore characters.

callback: <mandatory>

A callback function which will be passed to setTimeout/setInterval function.

interval: <mandatory>

Interval (in milliseconds) after which callback should be invoked.

options: {}

Hash of additional options for Timer class.


useSetTimeout: false

If set to true JS setTimeout() function will be used instead of setInterval(). This is not recommended, consider using "timeout" option.

timeout: false

If set to integer, timer function will stop after specified milliseconds.

startCallback/pauseCallback/resumeCallback/stopCallback: function() {}

Callbacks called after corresponding actions are finished.

finishCallback: function() {}

Callback working only with "timeout" option. It is called when timer is finished.


start(); // $.timer('name').start()

Starts timer

pause(); // $.timer('name').pause();

Pauses timer

resume(fullFrame = false); // $.timer('name').resume();

Resumes timer. It takes into consideration the time of the cycle when timer was paused. So for example - if you set your timer to 10 seconds, and then paused it after 6 - resume will invoke next callback after 4 seconds. Pass fullFrame = true, to avoid this and use default period of time.

stop(); // $.timer('name').stop();

Stops timer. Also fires finishCallback() if timeout option is set.

kill(); // $.timer('name').kill();

Similiar to stop(), but no callbacks are called.

status(); // $.timer('name').status();

Returns status of the timer. Available responses are "stopped", "paused", "running" and "finished".


Pull requests are very welcome! Make sure your patches are well tested.


Igor Rzegocki