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Fist of Vim

Fast, simple and super awesome Gist-ing for Vim.

If there were any more superlatives, I would be charging for this!


  • gist - "Potentially the best command line gister"

Install and configure it by running:

[sudo] gem install gist && gist --login


If you don't have a preferred installation method, I recommend installing pathogen.vim, and then simply copy and paste:

cd ~/.vim/bundle && git clone git://

Once the helptags have been generated, see :h vim-fist for usage.


Only breathing is easier than using Fist of Vim.

Fist of Vim defines these super simple mappings by default:

<leader>p - Create a new Gist

<leader>u - Update an existing Gist

<leader>l - List your public Gists

You can use create or update a Gist with a visual selection, or in normal mode, in which case, it is motion based.

For example, in normal mode, <leader>pG will create a new Gist from the cursor to the end of file. In visual mode, you can simply select and then hit <leader>p to create a new Gist.

Fist of Vim also sets the filetype and syntax completely automatically without you having to set it!

As the philosopher, Staples Inc., once said, "That was easy!"

Custom Maps

Fist of Vim allows you to choose the Fist to hold the gavel with. In other words, you can assign your own maps for these:

<plug>fov_new - Create a new Gist (normal mode)

<plug>fov_update - Update a Gist (normal mode)

<plug>fov_visual_new - Create a new Gist (visual mode)

<plug>fov_visual_update - Update a Gist (visual mode)

<plug>fov_list - List your Gists.

Example: nmap <leader>f <plug>fov_new.


Fist of Vim offers these hilariously named variables so it can be configured to your exacting standards:

g:fist_anonymously - Creates a new anonymous Gist.

g:fist_opens_browser - Open the new/updated Gist in the browser.

g:fist_in_private - Create a secret Gist

g:fist_no_maps - Don't define any mappings automatically.

g:fist_dispatch - When listing Gists, do it asynchronously.


What is the deal with the name "Fist"?

Taken from "Fast Gist for Vim that is simply the bee's knees". Or because "gisty" was too good and was already taken. Or because the Author racked his brain and couldn't think of anything else. You get to decide! Either way, Fist of Vim was born!


Copyright (c) Akshay Hegde. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license