A multi-platform 2D game library for Go.
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ENGi v0.6.0

A multi-platform 2D game library for Go.


SUPER ALPHA Expect bugs and major API changes. Just a proof of concept at the moment.

	* Clean native interfaces
	* Better asset management
	* More consistent and powerful input
	* Support multiple windows / games
	* Better windowed / borderless windowed / fullscreen support
	* Add support for built-in colors and images


The desktop backend depends on glfw3, but includes the source code and links it statically. If you are having linker errors on Windows, I suggest using TDM-GCC instead of MinGW as your cgo compiler.


The web backend depends on gopherjs. gopherjs build is very much like go build, then you can embed the resulting javascript file into your html document.

During development you can use SRVi to automatically rebuild and serve your project every time you refresh. Quickly try out new ideas without even needing to setup a new index.html every time.


The android backend is in the works, following the daily updates to the go.mobile repo.


go get -u github.com/ajhager/engi