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Retro computer built from 1978-era TTL logic chips
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Retro computer built from 1978-era TTL logic chips

   H->|  +-+     SC->|  +-+     ^
|->V->|->|R|->|->gc->|->|R|  |->G->audio
|        |A|            |O|->|
|     |->|M|<>|->cc->|->|M|  |     +-+
|     |  +-+  |  fn->|  +-+  | ck->|E|
|->X->|------>|      |{=HL<--|->I->|C|
|->Y->|       |      |<-PC<--|  +->|U|
|             |      |<-Pg<--|  |  +-+
| serial->Ei->|<-A<----------|->Eo->serial

Can you browse the Web using pre-1980 TTL logic and memory speeds? The goal of this project is to demonstrate how. Internet connectivity is via an era-appropriate RS232 interface. The machine is upward compatible by a decade to support currently available keyboard and video interfaces (PS/2 and VGA). The video includes a native text mode capable of displaying 96-columns and two bitmapped color graphics modes for retro gaming.

License Info


  • Copyright 2019 © Alastair Hewitt.

The font files (TTF and FON remakes and enhancements) come from The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack, copyright 2016 VileR, and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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