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Create a “Smart Reminder” app with following specifications

The “Reminder” part

  • The app works as a “Reminder” app in which you can create reminders [Title and datetime , title is derived using “Smart detection” method]
  • The app should send local notification when the reminder is due [lets keep it 5 minutes before the reminder time for simplicity]
  • User should be able to mark a reminder as “complete”.
  • The app will have 2 sections [ in a table view]
  • “Reminders” and “Overdue”. New items will appear under “Reminder” section and the items which are overdue will appear under “overdue” section. “Completed” items should disappear.

What is a “Smart” reminder

  • This is where the challenging and fun part comes.
  • Unlike the traditional “type and save” method , you should use a “smart” method to create reminders. This is how it works
  1. Take a photo of the object

  2. The app should be able to “detect the photo” and assign it to a “Type of object”. Lets consider the types to be “Vehicle” , “Apparels” , “Groceries” and “Books” [You know which Apple Framework to use !] For time being : Any photo of Bike or Car should be considered as vehicle Any photo of Jeans , shirt or T-shirt should be considered as Apparels Any photo of Tomato,Potato,Onion should be considered as Groceries Any photo of Oxford dictionary and merriam-webster dictionary should be considered as book

  3. Once the “Type” is detected , the app should show the list of common tasks associated with the Type Eg: Vehicle - Give it for Service , Wash , Change oil , Refuel Apparels - Give it to laundry, Wash, Iron , Exchange/ Alter , Return Groceries - Order Groceries Books - Return to library,Order online, Return to friend, Enquire in library

  4. Once task is selected from list of available tasks - assign due date and time


  • You do not enter the Task manually by typing in the app, Take a phone and just select from the list.If the photo doesn’t belong to any of the categories just ignore it for time being
  • The app should persist data between the app sessions / app relaunch.
  • Code should follow the best coding guidelines and practices
  • Use appropriate design patters
  • App should support iPhone/iPad
  • The design is upto you . We want to see how best you can come up with the UI/UX part.
  • Please upload your task to GitHub and share the link


a “Smart Reminder” app






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