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Easy Hash

A simple tool for hashing your email lists for list swaps

  • Makes hashing a column on a file easy
  • Doesn't save any of your data
  • Makes comparing your list to a hashed file easy

How It Works

Hash Single File

Upload a csv file and download hashed files

  • Parses a csv file and sends JSON to server to hash
  • Returns zip file including: full file with added hash field and only hash field (for swapping)

Compare Files

Upload 2 csv files: one with your data and one with a hash file to compare and download the overlap

  • Parses 2 csv files and sends JSON to server
  • Hashes first file and compares the designated fields across both
  • Returns zip file including: your unique data (for swapping), overlap, and other unique data

Run Locally

Don't want to upload your list to the live version? You can download and run locally!

Install Pre-Requisites

Downloading the Code

  • Open your Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac)
  • Navigate to the folder you want to put the code (cd DIRECTORY_NAME to "click" into a directory)
  • Enter git clone in your command line. It will download the code to a new folder in the current directory called "easyhash"
  • Use cd easyhash to move into the new directory with the code
  • Enter npm install to install the requirements for EasyHash

Running EasyHash Locally

  • From the same directory, enter npm start. There should be a message that says http server listening on 8080
  • In a web browser, go to localhost:8080
  • The EasyHash interface should appear, and you can use the tool without uploading your list online

Pull requests

Pull requests are encouraged!

Have suggestions? Submit an issue or a pull request.


Quickly hash a file to share and compare without sacrificing your list






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