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ReClass Extended


New Features

  • Up and down arrow hotkeys to switch nodes
  • Delete hotkey to delete selected nodes
  • Delete icon to delete selected nodes
  • Right click quick modify menu
  • Hex 64 type
  • Insert 2048 bytes
  • New icons for some types
  • Fixed syntax highlighting for 64 bit when generating code
  • Fixed array sizes when loading .reclass files
  • Added more themes
  • Colorful tabs with sexy border
  • Added RTTI info for pointers
  • Cleaned up RTTI and made the RTTI string editable
  • Made addresses edittable for copy & pasting
  • Added memory swap option to switch endianness: thanks buddyfavors
  • Added Bits type for a bit view instead of text
  • Added ability to input module names in address node (e.g. 'reclass.exe+0x40')
  • Added Module list with the ability to create a new class at module start address
  • Added Console dialog with syntax highlighting
  • Added ability to load PDB file and display PDB Symbols
  • Process list dialog instead of scroll menu
  • Added automatic resolving of symbols for each module in a process
  • Added Ctrl+S hotkey for file saving, and others.
  • Added Plugin API for making plugins
  • Disassembly syntax highlighting (buggy)
  • View unsigned types in hexidecimal form via toggle
  • Not really a feature but the reclass files folder contains a heap of reclass files with a ton already reversed for various programs

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Current Release Download


How to build

See wiki for instructions on how to compile:

Compilation Instructions


See wiki for the plugin API documentation:

Plugin Documentation


  • Optimize literally everything
  • Add highlighting to bytes that change
  • Add string and byte searching feature
  • Add a kernel driver for reading and writing memory from the kernel (Already done but IS NOT SAFE!)
  • Add debugger

Authors/Special Thanks