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| env myglobal subenv myobj |
"Current environment is Smalltalk"
[Environment current == Smalltalk] assert.
env := Environment new: #MyEnvironment.
"The new environment was defined as global at Smalltalk"
[(Smalltalk at: #MyEnvironment) isNil not] assert.
[(Smalltalk at: #MyEnvironment) == MyEnvironment] assert.
[(Smalltalk at: #MyEnvironment) == env] assert.
[MyEnvironment isNil not] assert.
[MyEnvironment == env] assert.
"Dotted expression syntax sugar for MyEnvironment at: #Smalltalk"
[MyEnvironment.Smalltalk == Smalltalk] assert.
"Dotted expression syntax sugar for Smalltalk at: #MyEnvironment"
[Smalltalk.MyEnvironment == MyEnvironment] assert.
[(env at: #Smalltalk) == Smalltalk] assert.
[(MyEnvironment at: #Smalltalk) == Smalltalk] assert.
"Define a global at Smalltalk environment"
MyGlobal := Object new.
"Switch to env environment"
env setCurrent.
"Current environment check"
[Environment current == env] assert.
[Environment current == Smalltalk.MyEnvironment] assert.
"The current environment is a referenced by a global variable at Smalltalk environment"
[Environment current == MyEnvironment] assert.
"Define a 'global' at current env environment"
MyGlobal := Object new.
"Define a class at current env environment, no change to syntax"
Object subclass:#MyClass
[(env at: #MyClass) isNil not] assert.
[(Smalltalk at: #MyClass) isNil] assert.
"Compile class method to get MyGlobal from its environment
(at MyClass creation time:
each class has an Scope pointing to the environment that was current
at the time of class definition. The 'globals' in their methods are resolved using that
MyClass class compile: 'global ^MyGlobal'.
"Back to Smalltalk environment"
Smalltalk setCurrent.
"MyClass is not defined here, at env environment"
[MyClass isNil] assert.
[(env at: #MyClass) isNil not] assert.
myglobal := (env at: #MyClass) global.
"The retrieved myglobal is MyGlobal at env, and it's different from MyGlobal at Smalltalk"
[myglobal isNil not] assert.
[myglobal == (env at: #MyGlobal)] assert.
[myglobal ~~ MyGlobal] assert.
"Accesing the same global using dotted name"
[myglobal == MyEnvironment.MyGlobal] assert.
"MyGlobal here is different from MyGlobal at env"
[MyGlobal isNil not] assert.
[(Smalltalk at: #MyGlobal) isNil not] assert.
[MyGlobal == (Smalltalk at: #MyGlobal)] assert.
[(env at: #MyGlobal) isNil not] assert.
[MyGlobal ~~ (env at: #MyGlobal)] assert.
"Sub enviroment"
subenv := Environment new: #MySubenvironment in: MyEnvironment.
[MyEnvironment.MySubenvironment == subenv] assert.
"Smalltalk environment is still accesible from subenvironment"
[MyEnvironment.MySubenvironment.Smalltalk == Smalltalk] assert.
"You can create an object instance of MyEnviroment class"
myobj := MyEnvironment.MyClass new.
[myobj isNil not] assert.
[myobj class == MyEnvironment.MyClass] assert.
TODO: to have a way of import (locate, load and set in current environment) a package/module
Package import: #MyLisp.
Package import: #MyWeb.WebServer.
As in Python, a 'package' already imported is retrieved from a cache