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Web Site Sample

CobolScript can access MySQL server using a Node.js module, and listing databases, tables and columns in dynamic web pages. It uses Twitter bootstrap, and SimpleWeb middleware layer.



Install Node.js.

Then, execute at command line:

npm install

This command installs the mysql, simpleweb modules, according to the dependecies described in package.json file.


You must create a database cobolscriptwebsite in your MySQL database, and then execute the commands at database.sql. These commands defines the tables and initial data to be used by the sample.


With the command line:

node server

The output:

Server started, listening at port 8000

The program connects to the MySQL server at localhost and list its database. The server must be running.

In the pages, the code

perform require using "mysql" giving mysql.

loads the mysql module.


local options.

move object to options.
move "root" to user in options.
move "" to password in options.
move "cobolscriptwebsite" to database options.

local connection.

perform createConnection in mysql using options giving connection.

opens the connection.

The code

perform query in connection using "select Id, Name, Address, Notes from customers order by Id" showcustomers.

showcustomers section using err, rows, fields.
* ....

pass showcustomers as a callback to asynchronous method query in connection. The callback accept three parameters: err, rows, fields.

When the sql is an update command:

perform query in connection using "insert customers set Name = ?, Address = ?, Notes = ?" datavalues showcustomers.

then the callback receives two parameters: err, result.

The datavalues parameters is an array, with the values to be passed to ? placeholders. See node-sql for more detailed information.

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