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Distributed Workers sample

A server send tasks to be executed to one or more worker. The task is procesed at worker. Only one task is processed by worker. The task is the clasical word counting task.


Eecute at command line:

npm install

This command installs the needed modules: simplemessages for sending and receiving messages between server/clients, and simplefunc to encode/decode simple objects with instance functions. The task (an object with functions) is serialized/deserialized, so the functions are defined at server but they run at workers.


Launch the server:

node server

It shows

Server listening on port 3000

Run a worker with command line:

node worker

The worker connects to server. The server sends a message with a task to be executed at worker. The worker receives and run the task. At end, the worker stops.

The worker output:

{ a: { count: 2 }, word: { count: 2 }, is: { count: 1 } }

The implementation is naive. It uses next callbacks but without async calls in map or process. If there were thousands of items or key/values produced by map, this approach would generate a lot of stacked calls.