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Blockchain project in Java, WIP
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Simple blockchain implementation, in Java, WIP


This blockchain implementation has:

  • Block: with number, parent block and list of transactions
  • Transaction: send value from sender to receiver account
  • Account: with balance and optional smart contract code
  • Virtual Machine: to execute smart contracts

The world state keeps the account states. Each account has a balance and smart contract storage.


To Do

  • Coin type
  • Signed transactions
  • DataWord or Coin in Transaction value, instead of BigInteger
  • DataWord or Coin in Account balance, instead of BigInteger
  • Block JSON serialization
  • Block transaction hash should be the hash of a trie
  • Difficulty in block
  • Total difficulty in block JSON serialization
  • Numeric values in hexadecimal in JSON serialization
  • Transaction receipts
  • Log emit
  • Create contracts
  • Call contracts in Virtual Machine



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